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Are you losing more weight than you think?

The scales aren’t going down, but you feel like you are losing weight. Are you losing more weight than you think? Here are 5 easy ways to track your progress when the scales aren’t moving. Take pictures Your diet has been on point and your exercise routine has been consistent but the scale won’t move, […]

DOMS, should you worry if you don’t have it?

Delayed onset muscle soreness, known as DOMS. It’s the muscle pain you feel 12-48 hours after your exercise session and is caused by microscopic tearing of the muscles fibres. Some may inaccurately perceive this as having ‘hurt’ themselves. But it is actually a normal and necessary part of the training – and rebuilding process. A […]

Rate of Perceived Exertion – how hard are you really training?

How do you measure how hard you are training? You might say, I feel hot and sweaty, my heart is pumping fast, I’m out of breath, my muscles are burning. Or, I use a heart rate monitor to know my heart beats per minute and stay in a particular training zone. Or perhaps, I follow […]

Punch your way to better fitness with boxing.

Boxing has more benefits than you think, for both your body and mind. Whether it’s a Body Attack class, a Punch gym workout or part of your personal training session, boxing has more benefits that you ever imagined. Cardio blast – Boxing increases cardiovascular health by getting your heart pumping blood around the body, and […]

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