Six timeless beauty tips:



Makeup is about enhancing your best features according to Maybelline’s Nigel Stanislaus.


Maybelline has been bringing make-up tips to woman globally for 100 years.


Here are six timeless beauty tips for the best make-up ever:

1) Concealer, mascara and blush are three products that bring instant radiance and youthful glow to your face. Learning how to use them to their full potential is critical.

2) For a holiday glow, combine a little blush and bronzer to your cheeks.

3) When applying bronzer, always apply to the highpoints of your face or where the sun would naturally kiss your face – bridge of your nose, apples of your cheeks, temples and chin.

Maybelline NY in 2009 (1) (479x640)

Maybelline’s red roses

4) Practice applying a cat eye line flick. It can be subtle and demure but it is such classic look that can be paired with everyday outfits or more formal attire.

5) To maximise a lip stick application, choose a long wearing formula. For extra staying power, apply a lip liner to the outer rim of your lips and lightly feather the pencil to colour in your pout. Blot and then apply your lipstick.

6) A smoky eye is the makeup equivalent to the little black dress. It doesn’t need to be a smoky grey or black shade so adapt your favourite colour palette and the depth of the colour to tailor a smoky eye look perfect for you and the occasion.


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