5 Ways To Boost Your Energy For Your Morning Workout

1.     Wear red 

The colour red is known to increase feelings of excitement and act in the same way citrus fruits do by boosting our energy. So, when you roll out of bed, put on to make that HIIT circuit your B****H.

2.     Prepare your breakfast the night before  

When running late or lacking motivation, the last thing we want to worry about is breakfast so we end up grabbing an unhealthy snack or slapping some vegemite on toast as we run out the door. 

Preparing breakfast, the night before will make mornings so much easier and will also allow time to create something a little more nutritious than a muesli bar. 

It can be as simple as cutting up some fruit FOR A SMOOTHIE OR making a fruit salad to pair with some yoghurt or you can go one step further and SOAK some OATS overnight to fuel your body for your morning workout. 

3.     Play some music

Increasing your motivation to get to the gym in the mornings could be as simple as playing your favourite song. 

Filling the house with those boss lady Beyoncé jams will help to improve your mood before you even set foot in the gym and get you pumped for the day ahead. But don’t leave the tunes at home. 

Continue listening to mood boosting music in the car on the way to the gym and continue listening when you get to the gym to help you stay focused and energised from start to finish.

4.     Eat or drink citrus fruits 

Eating an orange or a mandarin or squeezing some lemon juice in your glass of water could be that kick you need to get started of a morning. 

Citrus fruits are proven to provide the body with a boost of energy, and we’re all searching for a little energy boost to get us through the morning and off to the gym. 

Try adding some oranges to that fruit salad you’re going to make tonight that will be reading and waiting in the fridge for the morning.

5.     Make it a habit/ routine 

Old habits die hard, so make getting to the gym of a morning a habit that’s gonna die hard. 

Getting into a routine where you go the gym on set days or a certain amount of days will help you to remain motivated and the getting to the gym in the morning process will become second nature. 

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  1. Thank you Shaneese for the wonderful post! Indeed, morning workouts are never easy because of low energy levels. The third tip about playing mood-lifting music in the morning is the best one. At fitness studios, a nice ambiance filled with music encourages everyone to enjoy their workouts.

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