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5 Ways To Boost Your Energy For Your Morning Workout

1.     Wear red  The colour red is known to increase feelings of excitement and act in the same way citrus fruits do by boosting our energy. So, when you roll out of bed, put on to make that HIIT circuit your B****H. 2.     Prepare your breakfast the night before   When running late or lacking motivation, the last […]

Sleep In Your Gym Gear?

How to ensure you make that morning workout session. Here are 5 simple ways to motivate yourself to make it to your morning workout. Do you find yourself regularly pressing snooze on the alarm set for your intended morning gym session, telling yourself you’ll try again tomorrow?  Here are five tips to make your workout […]

Can’t get out of bed? 8 ways to make your mornings easier

Eight ways to get out of bed, master productivity in the mornings and make your days more productive. Plan ahead Don’t kick yourself in the morning when you realise you’ve left planning your day to the last minute. Instead, prep a to-do list and decide what you’ll be wearing the night before to save time […]

Bondi’s PT Blake Worrall-Thompson

Personal trainers… we all want one, but can’t necessarily afford one. That’s why we picked the brain of one of Australia’s most sought after PT’s on behalf of all our Bondi Beauty readers. Blake Worrall-Thompson spoke to Bondi Beauty’s Narissa Moeller:  Best known for his TV role on Eat Yourself Sexy, Blake is a regular […]