Do You Need a Life Coach to Pivot Your Life in 2023?

A life coach could pivot your life in 2023.

The beginning of the year is the most popular time of the year to pivot your life. And a life coach is the ultimate investment for yourself. A life coach will help you stay focused and accountable to your goals.

But do you need a life coach, and if you do, how do you find one?

What is a life coach?

Journalling is an important part of working with a life coach.

A life coach helps you create a vision for where you want your life to go, assessing your goals, skills, and relationships to make a plan to reach your goals as quickly and as easily as possible.

A life coach will collaborate with you, getting to know you to provide the support and coaching you need.

This may sound like a therapist, but a life coach is different.

While therapists focus on the past and work through mental health needs, a life coach works to help maintain and achieve life goals and success now in the present moment for long-lasting change.

Why get a life coach?

Life Coach 2023
Life coaches can help in more areas than you may think.

A life coach can help with simple aspects of your everyday life, as well as the bigger picture issues you may be facing right now.

If you are having challenges from old habits or routines or you are finding it hard to change or even struggling to find a diet or mindset that helps you, a life coach can push you in the right direction.

Life coaches can help with every aspect of your corporate life and help you shift negative mindsets or ways of thinking.

They can also help with your private life. You might be struggling to keep a relationship or find the right person for you.

Hiring a life coach can be an asset and a game changer for your life.

Types of life coaches

While some life coaches take more of a general route, there is a range of coaches who specialise in different areas.

Some of these types of life coaches include:

  • Career Coaching
  • Business and leadership coaching
  • Diet and fitness coaching
  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Life skills coaching
  • Spirituality coaching
  • Mental health coaching
A life coach can give you clarity.

What do they do?

Life coaches all work in different ways to achieve what is best for you. They create bespoke programs to meet your needs.

During the first meeting with a life coach, you can ask how they work.

Methods different life coaches use include:

  • Goal visualisation
  • Incantations and affirmations
  • Talk therapy
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Guided meditation
  • Experimental learning

Life coaches are there to prioritise you and your goals, so don’t be afraid to ask as many follow-up questions as needed, and if things are not working for you, you need to speak up.

Costs of a life coach?

Life Coach Meditation

You’ll find some life coaches charge $300 or more an hour for face to face sessions. However, other’s can offer package deals where they are mostly online doin zoom sessions with you, which significantly reduces the price.

It also depends on what type of niche you are looking at for a life coach, different categories of life coach, such as ones specialising in career life coaching can charge a lot higher as they also assist with some work placements as well.

It’s important to shop around to find the right one for you and one that’s offering the right price too.

Don’t be put off by the expenses though, if the right one for you is a little more expensive than you expected, as it’s well worth the benefits of having a happier, more fulfilling and successful life.

When finding a life coach, costs shouldn’t be your deciding factor. Choose a coach who you feel intuitively is the best choice. Finding a coach who is a good fit will save you money in the long run as you’ll enjoy faster progress. is a great website that will help source a life coach next to you for the right price. You complete the short question sheet and they will find all relevant life coaches in your area, with their prices, to help you choose the right one for you.

The right fit:

It’s important to determine whether a specific life coach is the right fit. Most offer a complimentary introductory session.

When first meeting your life coach, assess how you feel when talking to them. It’s great to observe how they respond to you and the points they’re making. This is also an important time to consider whether you like their methods and attributes.

Ask yourself some questions such as; are they helping me create a new perspective? Are they being successful in identifying my strengths and helping me determine my goals? Do I feel comfortable?

If you’re wondering what exactly to look for, a great life coach will be able to answer your questions in a way you understand and discuss what to expect over the time you spend with them. If you relate to their outlook on the sessions, they are most likely a good fit for you.

Even more interested in finding a life coach now? Check out our story on how a life coach will help change your life.

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