Can 30-days of Pilates Really Change You?

mpower pilates 30-day challenge

M-Power Pilates in Bondi are holding a thirty day Pilates challenge in June.

Winter is the perfect time to reset your body, making it strong and healthy in time for when Summer rolls around again, making you feel confident enough to hit the beach in your hottest bikini.

Of course, it isn’t always about rocking a hot body and a bikini to match. Maintaining good body health helps with ageing, may prevent the onset of some illnesses and can assist in general wellbeing and wellness, helping achieve optimum health overall.

Thirty days of Pilates is a great way to start a healthy journey.

Working to strengthen muscles, increase blood and oxygen flow throughout the body and to tone and build support for the bones, since its creation, Pilates has proven over the decades to be the ultimate form of exercise for any age, injury or health complaint.

“In 10 days you will feel the difference, In 20 Days you will see the difference and in 30 Days, you will have a whole new body”.

Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates created one of the earliest thirty-day challenges over one hundred years ago. In fact, he would never allow a client to come to his New York studio to practice unless they committed to visiting 4 times a week, calling his fitness program ‘Return to Life.’ The name he titled his manual of exercises.

From the 1st June 2019, MPower Pilates will begin their thirty-day challenge aptly names “Return to Life’, where classes will be on offer seven days a week and all clients are encouraged to visit a minimum of four times a week – like the old days with Joseph Pilates.

The challenge will include two workshops for participating clients, which is a consult with a well-known and respected “Healthy Eating” professional and one with one of Sydney’s finest Yin Yoga and Breathwork professionals.

Here’s how you get started with the thirty-day MPower Pilates challenge:

  • Get familiar with Joseph Pilates, the man, his beliefs and the concept of Pilates.
  • Attend as many small group or private sessions as possible.
  • Make sure you let all staff know of any challenges, injuries or concerns you have so they can work with you to achieve the right result.
  • Mark your diary to remind you must attend at least four times a week for the challenge.
  • MPower Pilates also recommends you take out twenty minutes of your day, every day, to go for a walk in the fresh air and sunshine.
  • Make no judgement of yourself or others during the challenge.
  • Be open to new health ideas, this journey will be the beginning and will change your life.
  • Final step – Register your interest NOW with MPower (link below).

To register your interest before June, head over to and reach out to them if you have any questions about your fitness level or health concerns before you register. The staff at MPower are super friendly and nurturing – they will look after you.

Before starting a thirty-day Pilates challenge at MPower Pilates, it’s important to note:

  • Pilates is NOT a quick fix, but you will see results after the first few weeks.
  • Pilates will address the whole body and any issues or concerns present.
  • MPower Pilates only take groups with a maximum of six people.
  • Pilates works as much on the outside of the body, as it does on the inside of the body.
Rebecca Wilkinson

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