Our NEW Beauty Reviews, and What They Mean for You

Introducing the 4-star Bondi Beauty Rating System.

Here at Bondi Beauty we take the reviewing of beauty products seriously.

We have always believed in complete transparency; our articles aim to tell you what we truly think of the products whether we have gone out and sought the products ourselves, or they have been sent to us by beauty brands.

A lot of our mail from our readers is asking about products and whether they are natural, cruelty free, organic, vegan and so on.

We want to give YOU an insight into what beauty products are worth the hype and better information on what is out there.

Our reviews are honest, always.

Bondi Beauty loves all beauty products from the most natural to the most highly produced, and we aim to find products that will make you feel good on the inside as well as beautiful on the outside.

We want to give you the power to make your own choices over what products you use on your face and body.

Our passionate beauty writers have come up with a new rating system, the 4-star Bondi Beauty Rating System.

What are we looking for?

Cruelty Free = CF

Vegan = V

Paraben Free = PF

Certified Organic = CO

If you see a product is 4/4 it will have ticked all of these above boxes.

So what do they mean?

Cruelty Free

If you see CF, it means the product is ‘cruelty free’. Cruelty free products and their ingredients have not been tested on animals. If a company says they are ‘cruelty free’ they guarantee that neither they, nor their ingredient suppliers conduct any test on animals anywhere in the world and won’t do so in the future.


Many traditional skincare ingredients come from animals, even the not so obvious ones. Vegan-friendly skincare eliminates all animal-derived ingredients. In other words, vegan skincare is made from plants and minerals as well as safe synthetic ingredients.

Paraben Free

Parabens are a preservative used in cosmetics and personal care products to extend shelf-life and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. Studies have shown that parabens can be extremely harmful, with links to an increase risk of breast cancer causing many in the beauty world concern.

Certified Organic

Different countries have different standards for what is classified as ‘organic’. In Australia we have the ACO stamp (Australian Certified Organic). It is important to note that just because something is ‘natural’ doesn’t mean it’s organic. ‘Natural’ products are not regulated by a governing body, so if a product has a handful of natural products along with synthetic ingredients, they can claim to be natural. Some beauty products contain organic and non-organic ingredients, but the ACO says the product has to contain at least 70% – 95% organic ingredients to be certified organic.

Milly Haddrick


Milly is passionate about the issues and concerns of women navigating their way through the world of sex, dating and relationships, with a side passion for brie, dark chocolate and red wine.

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