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Vanessa Megan, Australia’s Natural Beauty Queen.

Vanessa Megan is fast making a name for herself as the Australian expert in natural beauty. Her natural beauty products are exceptional, and she is mindful of the environment. I first saw Vanessa Megan’s (her real name is Vanessa Megan Grey) natural beauty products in Neil Perry’s Rockpool restaurant. It was about 10 years ago, […]

They Sold Sukin for $53 Million. This is Their New Natural Beauty Brand, Alkira

Unique Australian botanicals Finger Lime Caviar, Lilly Pilly and Kangaroo Paw are just some of the hero ingredients in Alkira, a new range of natural beauty facial products from the former owners of Sukin. Natural beauty, meaning products that are free from artificial ingredients and chemicals, is a category that reels consumers in. It’s no […]

How a Cancer Diagnosis Became the Inspiration Behind a Natural Beauty Brand

We chat with founder and creator of natural beauty brand Indie Lee. At the age of thirty-six in 2008, Lisa Swengros, accountant, wife and mother of two children who are now twelve and fifteen, received horrifying news; she had a rare brain tumour and was given a life expectancy as short as six months. The […]

When and When Not To Use Organic and Natural Beauty Products

It’s entirely possible you have been using your organic and natural based beauty products the wrong way and at the wrong time. It’s no secret, when you use organic and natural based beauty products, they often go hard in the winter months, melt in the summer months or don’t give you the staying power other […]

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