My Favourite Sydney Workouts

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One of the best things about Sydney is not just the fitness and abundantly healthy food, it’s the number of people here who are into it.

You can’t help but get fit here in Sydney.

These are my go-tos for a healthy and strong mind and body. And yes they are close to or in Bondi, as that’s where the Bondi Beauty team hang out. The contact details are in the links in each listing.

  1. For a cheat’s workout: Speedfit: This little known studio in the city is one of many celebrity’s biggest secrets globally, and the biggest fitness hack in town. It is electro muscle stimulation, which is when you go to a studio,  plug yourself in, burn for just 20 minutes doing workouts whilst your muscles are being squeezed, and have a break for 7 whole days until next week. Brilliant. Has to experienced to be believed. Click here for more.

2)  The trendiest place to work out: Vive Active in Double Bay is just a brilliant and fun place to have a workout and get your heart rate up. Based on a new pilates concept with 27 beds in a room, mirrored ceilings, flashing lights and hot music, in 50 minutes you’re done and burning. For more.

There are gorgeous bathroom products and the whole place has its own fragrance. This is where the pretty people workout.

three women on their backs doing pilates
Vive Active is just a brilliant and fun place to have a workout and get your heart rate up.

3) For Proper Yoga: Body, Mind, Life: This hot yoga studio offers a range of classes for every level of yoga, and has excellent instructors and a cool but very zen crowd. Gorgeous changing rooms, and excellent starter programs with huge discounts to get your body back into yoga. There are several studios including one in Bondi.

4) For a Killer body: Pilates that burns. Lagree fitness takes pilates to a whole new level of strength, posture and, well pain.

Lagree has a history from LA, and with different pilates-style machines released each year, it is an amazing way to mix up your workout and become staring very fast. I definitely recommend a one-on-one class first to get the hang of the moves and the balance required. It is located in Double Bay.

5) To chill and be mindful: Proper pilates: :M Power Pilates is a boutique studio in Bondi I really love. The instructors are gentle and calm, and focus on supporting you on your health journey, no matter what that means for you.

There are several different types of classes so you don’t get bored, and it is just an easy way each day to sit with yourself and your body. Check out more here.

6) With your mates: Rock climbing: Rock climbing is so much fun you don’t even notice the workout and the burning – until the next day. There are a number of indoor rock climbing studios around Sydney, with various levels of rock climbing walls – even some without harnesses.

The best thing here is anyone can do this regardless of age or fitness level. Read about our team’s experience here.

7) Budget but beautiful: Walking the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk has to be one of the best ways to get fit in Australia. The earlier you go, the quieter it is, and watching the sun come up over the ocean is just magical. No links needed!

8) To find your inner girl power: BUF Girls: Gorgeous Bondi girl Libby Babet was trainer for the Biggest Loser, and runs her own studio right in Bondi. Some of her classes are on Bondi Beach, and others are in the studio, and there are a whole range of classes for different fitness levels.

She understands women, and she knows everything there is to know about working out and losing weight. We love her.

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