THIS is how the French (and Heidi Klum, and Liz Hurley) really stay thin. The ultimate fitness hack.



How to get fit without really trying – Speed Fit. It’s the most popular fitness trend in France, and the exercise routine the French are obsessed with.

Alessandra Ambrosio, Heidi Klum, Madonna, Liz Hurley and even Usain Bolt have reportedly all used it.

Speed Fit is the low impact fitness routine that began as a part of  physiotherapy. Called electro muscle stimulation, it was used as part of an intensive rehabilitation program for people unable to exercise due to injury and/or recovering from operations. 

It was also used in Russia in the 1960’s to train professional athletes.

Renae being hooked up to speed fit in Sydney

It has developed over some 20 years into a hassle free exercise program that gets you fit by electronically zapping your muscles via electro muscle stimulation. It promises four times the stimulation of lifting weights.

Electro muscle stimulation is used by everyone at every end of the body and fitness scale wanting to get their muscles fit, fast, from elite athletes to 20 year old girls. There is no age limit.

It improves physical strength, reduces body fat, helps drop excess weight and defines muscles.

electric plug
An electric plug used for the fitness called electro muscle stimulation.

The technology is German, and whilst a touch daunting at first, it really works.

Electrodes are placed strategically over the body targeting specific muscles, and then electricity bolts are pumped into each one via dials on a board managed by your trainer or physiotherapist.

In one 20 minute session you engage 95% of your muscles without using weights, and reputedly without putting stress and strain on the joints or tendons. And all of the clothing is supplied.

two women, one brunette, one blonde in front of blue wall in fitness gear
Renae with a friend at Sydney’s Speedfit before a class

I tried speed fit 3 times over 3 weeks and couldn’t believe my results. My muscles were tight, I lost fat, and I toned up seemingly instantly. Three days after each session my muscles were sore – very sore, but it was worth it.

During the 20 minute session, you do exercises such as push-ups, planks and squats, and it is definitely very tough, and feels a touch strange. You can do the 20 minutes solo or with another person at the same time.

It’s the ultimate way to lose weight without really trying – and pieced with other fitness, it works incredibly fast and effectively. At least it did for me.

Each session at Speed Fit starts with a pleasant tasting caffeine energy drink before you start, and ends with a protein shake. Just to ensure you are having enough protein. 

Sounds too good to be true – but it isn’t. This is how to get your summer body on fast.

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