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I love exercise, but I’m fickle. I can’t stick with any one exercise for too long. But finding something new that I like – even in Sydney where there is so much in offer? That’s also tough.

I am a former triathlete so swimming, cycling & running come (fairly) easy to me. But I can’t do those 3 activities forever.

I’ve done a lot of yoga – but again it gets boring for my personality within a few months. 

What I’ve found is that to try new classes -especially in winter, is not only fun but changes my body fast. The minute I start a new type of fitness, my body responds. 

Bondi Beauty Founder Renae Leith-Manos at lagree, Double Bay.

The hottest new fitness class is Lagree fitness. It has only been in Sydney for a few months, but is taught in over 300 studios globally. It is a high intensity, low impact class done on a machine similar to a Pilates Reformer machine, called a Megaformer. It combines resistance training and cardio.

Each lagree machine is worth $10,000 so this is exercise at the top end. Classes are around $40 and are 45 minutes (you can buy packs). An instructor carefully guides the group through the moves – which really work the body, especially the abs. 

But it’s much, much harder than Pilates. The results are very quick. And it builds muscle tone quickly.

The new studio is in Double Bay with an opening special of 4 classes for $40.

A lot of men gravitate to lagree as it builds muscle strength & tone, especially in the upper body.


Renae Leith-Manos


Renae Leith-Manos travels the world writing ( She has had a colourful media career as a journalist in many magazines and newspapers, and spends her time writing, consulting to new businesses, running, doing yoga, swimming & cycling.
She's likes healthy eating, but thinks chocolate cake is just as important as kale chips.
She spends most weekends hanging out with her gorgeous twins.

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