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Why Trampolining Is The Best At-Home Winter Workout

Bondi Beauty trialled an online trampoline class and the verdict is in…trampolining is an easier, quicker way to burn fat than running. Long-gone are the days where jumping on a trampoline is reserved for kids.  With a wealth of health benefits, trampolining is fast becoming the newest at-home cardio trend. Just 10 minutes on the trampoline […]

5 Home Delivery Meal Services To Combat The Iso Binge (3 are vegan)

Isolation and the inability to go out to eat has amped up the demand for food delivery services, and far from a quick feed, some of the healthiest, most nutritious meals can now be delivered to your door. From plant-based nutrition to energy-boosting meal plans, the quality and variety of food is inspiring and makes […]

Fitness (not booze) Will Get You Through The Covid-19 Crisis.

Everyone is reaching for vices right now. It’s human nature, it’s normal it’s natural. But some are better than others. Fitness has been my fall back throughout my life, and helped me get over the many hurdles I have faced, including the one we are all facing right now. Growing up in South Australia, I […]

Hustle Boxing – This Is Going To Be Big.

This is the kind of fitness I could get used to. The boxing is hard work, but at Hustle it comes with all the trimmings you usually only dream of. Hustle Boxing is a modern day boxing fitness class at it most organised, technologically advanced, and best. It is fast, fun and gets results. It […]

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