Look Leaner in 5 Minutes

Going into summer, we all need tips on looking leaner, faster.

For tips on great posture, just check out some models. New York Fashion Runway Spring 2014.


If you’re worried about that Little Black Dress you need to fit into in 2 days, then these simple tricks are your answer to slimming down and looking lean in time.

  1. Beat the bloating

Bloating is a fact of life. However contrary to popular belief it is not ‘water weight’ but caused by the gases produced when we eat or drink. Research by The Gut Foundation says that two thirds of women will periodically experience bloating and that one in five women will experience severe bloating.

So how can you beat back bloating a claim a few centimeters off your stomach?

Slow down your eating and enjoy your meal – eating too fast can cause air swallowing which leads to bloating.

Watch your sugar intake – sugar can cause damage to the gut lining and is also the number one food source for bacteria and fungi which can result in bloating.

Avoid artificial sweeteners – these can be non-digestible and cause bloating

  1. Get a tan

If you’re pale skin is lingering on a little it’s a well known secret in the fashion industry that a healthy glow will drop kilos from the body.

You can self-tan at home using a tanning product or book into your local salon and get a professional job. Your arms and legs will look elongated and those little imperfections will disappear

  1. Know your shape

The first step to a slimmer look in 5 minutes is to understand what body shape you fit into.

The 5 conventional body shapes – pear, inverted triangle, straight, or hourglass – are a basic guide and most women’s bodies will fit into one of these.

Once you figure out what shape you are dress appropriately to show off your assets and down play your larger features. It’s all about working with what you’ve got.

  1. Think ‘Lift’

Lifting is a well known word around fashion tables. Body lift, face lift, thigh lift it’s all thrown around… but ‘lifting’ doesn’t have to be so extreme to have some slimming effects. Firstly, lift your posture. Engaging your core and standing tall can give the impression of a slimmer body. Secondly lift your girls.

Wearing an ill fitted bra that results in sagging or unsupported breasts can leave you looking frumpy. Invest in a well fitted bra that targets your boob size and type specifically.

For example if you’ve been blessed with a fuller chest look for a cleavage reducing bra whereas if you live on the smaller side of life and are looking for a little umph padding can work some wonders. Get the support you need.

  1. Don’t throw shape wear off the table

For special occasions and particularly clingy clothes, shape wear can be a life saver.

Although getting into them can take longer than your whole ‘getting ready’ routine, and once they’re on, bathroom breaks  don’t seem to be in your near future…nothing pulls everything in and holds everything up like a good pair of thigh and tummy suckers.

However it’s important to remember that these are only a temporary fix and health experts warn that they cannot replace exercise and a healthy diet. They also caution that the compression of organs isn’t good for your overall health.

But sometimes a girl just needs some help, right?

By BB Intern Dominique Tait

What are your best slimming tricks?

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