Five tips for the best hair ever when working out



Keeping your hair fresh and vibrant isn’t easy when you work out.


Having and keeping great hair isn’t easy when you’re into fitness.

I should know, given most weeks, I do 10 sessions of fitness.

Swimming, running, and even yoga all damage hair. From the sun and wind, to elastic bands causing breakage and excess sweat, our hair gets a beating.

Here are five ways to prevent damage but still have lush locks every day.

1) Don’t wash your hair after every workout.

Use the right products in-between, and think carefully about which days of the week you do wash it.  The trick is to have your hair looking its best the day you wash it by blowdrying it and getting it looking good so it goes the distance.

The second day, use dry shampoo at the roots to absorb excess oil, brush it through and go another day with hot looking hair. That night, sleep with dry shampoo or a thickening spray or salt spray on your locks and a band in, let it out the nest morning for volumised clean smelling hair. Then wash it that night or the next day.

2) Use excess conditioner when swimming

Swimming – especially in chlorinated pools dries out hair. Running some conditioner through your ends before you put on a swimming cap ensures you keep as much moisture in – and as much dryness out- as possible.

 3) Don’t over-use your tools.

Straighteners, curlers and even hair dryers are great for special occasions, but don’t over-use them or you risk further damage to your  hair.

4) Run some clean water through your hair before diving in.

Whether you’re swimming in salty or chlorinated water, both damage hair. Some hairdressers swear by running clean water through your hair first, to reduce damage from the chemicals or salt in swimming pool water.

5) Rinse hair straight after swimming

An obvious one but it’s important you give your hair a quick rinse immediately after a swim so rinse out any chemicals – with salt water there’s no need to be so hasty, yo can even leave it in to give hair volume and that windswept look.





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