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4 Common Weight Loss Mistakes You Might Be Making

Not grunting whilst working out may be the simple solution to why you are not losing weight! Here’s four reasons why you might not be losing weight as fast as you want to: 1) Your input output balance is equal If you eat until you are full and never feel hungry, the reality is your […]

Look Leaner in 5 Minutes

Going into summer, we all need tips on looking leaner, faster.   If you’re worried about that Little Black Dress you need to fit into in 2 days, then these simple tricks are your answer to slimming down and looking lean in time. Beat the bloating Bloating is a fact of life. However contrary to […]

Is seaweed the way to get skinny?

Seaweed Yourself Skinny? Quite possibly. The sneaky way to fight fat may be at the bottom of the ocean A finding published in the journal Food Chemistry this year suggests that alginate, usually found in sea kelp, can prevent fat from being digested into the stomach. The alginate reduces the breakdown of fat by a […]

Has Thinspiration Gone Too Far?

A plethora of media outlets are expressing concerns over the number of images of thin women (many edited or manipulated) being posted on social media. They’re all asking if thinspiration has gone too far. There are specific concerns being raised in media outlets that the thinspiration trend of posting images of a ‘Bikini Bridge’  (yep, […]