The Best Lip Treatments for Dry, Chapped Lips

the best lip treatments for 2023

There’s a trusty lip product for everyone to get moisturised, plump and smooth lips. Your lips will not be able to live without these treatments.

These lip treatments are all moisturising, hydrating and luscious. There are plenty of options to achieve plump and healthy lips.

Whether you want something that smells delicious, has a vibrant tint, or has the added SPF for extra protection, there is the perfect lip product out there to be your best purse accessory.

Once you find the perfect lip treatment that ticks all your boxes you will find your bedside draw, handbag, tables, and pockets full of your holy grail lip product.

The perfect product could be in a traditional ChapStick, an all-in-one balm or a velvety mask. Below are the top ten lip treatments that are the game changers in the lip care department.

Lip Mask: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask has won many awards and is deemed a holy grail lip product- and for good reason! Mask is designed to keep lips moisturised and hydrated while you sleep so that you awake with soft and plump lips.

This product rejuvenates lips, removing flakiness and dry patches to deliver supple and hydrated lips, all in one night! There is also a range of flabours the product comes in so you fall asleep with a delicious taste on your lips.

Best smelling lip balm: Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Cupuaçu Lip Butter

This product has so many benefits it is the perfect lip product for anyone! With caramel smell that tastes like Anzac Biscuits, you will want to reapply this lip balm contantly.

The product come in a large thick tube that makes it really easy and satisfying to apply, with the texture buttery and deeply hydrating. The cupuaçu butter softens and smooths the lips while adding an irresistibly dewy sheen. Açaí oil protects and strengthens your lips while the coconut oil deeply hydrates dry and sensitive lips.

Natural Lip Balm: Burts Bees Squeezy Tinted Lip Balm

The Burts Bees Squeezy Tinted Lip Balm brings a perfect balance between natural beauty with fun creative beauty. With many colours and flavours to choose from, the lip balm offers a hint of colour to elevate a natural look, while protecting and hydrating the lips. 

A 100% natural origin formula, this tinted lip balm is enriched with responsibly sourced beeswax and hydrating cocoa butter. This lip look delivers a healthy, hydrated and radiant finish.

Lip Scrub: Lük Beautifood Supergreens Lip Scrub

This 100% natural lip scrub is a power pot of health and beauty. The product is enriched with antioxidants and potent superfoods that refines the lips, to re-invigorate the colour, shape and texture of your lips.

Some of the supercharged ingredients include Vitamin C, chlorophyll, collagen and seaweed. These ingredients fight free radicals that produce fine lines and smooth and redefine the lips. This healthy elixr results in supercharged hydrated, polished and smooth lips.

Cult Favourite: Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

This vegan lip balm deeply conditions the lips with it’s cream-oil consistency. This is a favourite across all beauty enthusiasts due to it’s deeply hydrating and soothing effects. The formulation uses rich plant derived butters to result in a silky formula to melt into dry cracked lips, for instant hydration, all while strengthening the lip barrier to seal in moisture.

Shea and murumuru seed butters are natural moisturising ingredients in the balm that heal and condition parched lips. Plant waxes soften lips while creating shine. This results in a trusty lip balm you can use any time and get the results your after.

SPF: Mecca Cosmetica Lip De-Luscious Glide with SPF 15

This SPF15 lip balm is convenient, protective and hydrating, all in one handy stick. This isn’t only a great lip balm due to containing SPF, but it is also super hydrating due to hyaluronic sphere for plump and bouncy lips.

The lip balm also contains shea butter and vitamin E to restore suppleness, boost and retain moisture and provide support against free radicals. An antioxidant infusion of pomegranate seed oil and vitamin E rejuvenates the lips to leave your lips soft, moisturised and protected.

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