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7 Reasons You Need An Ayurvedic Massage ASAP

Why you need an ayurvedic massage ASAP From remedial, deep tissue, shiatsu, hot stone, reflexology, Thai, Swedish and Chinese, there are plenty of different massages to choose from, but have you tried an Abhyanga? Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic Massage and an experience everyone must try at least once. In fact, Ayurveda, the world’s oldest health […]

The Uber Of Massage?

Yep, this is the uber of massage, and it has arrived in Sydney direct from LA where almost every celebrity you can think of is lapping it up. The concept is as good as it gets. You decide you want a massage, download the free app and select a therapist, (guy or girl and even […]

New Organic French Day Spa Has Opened in Bondi

There’s a new organic day spa in Bondi mixing Chinese medicine with French beauty treatments. BIOTYSPA is the first organic French day spa to hit Bondi, which specializes in treatments for women only and uses only natural and organic beauty treatments, with a hint of ancient Chinese medicine. The Chinese medicine part is a unique […]

Meet Miranda Kerr’s Australian Naturopath from Bondi

Meet Saimaa Miller; founder of The Last Resort Organic Detox Spa at Bondi, and naturopath to some of Australia’s most famous people. Working in the health industry for twenty years, Saimaa is a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, detox specialist and health coach. She is a mum of two, who not only leads a holistic life […]

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