An Effortless Summer Beauty Look

an effortless summer beauty look

When dealing with the Aussie heat in summer, follow this lazy girl beauty guide for an effortless summer beauty look.

It’s that time of the year. You fight for a space at the beach, and surfers battle it out on the waves with all the bodies swimming in the water. Frozen Acai Bowls are eaten for breakfast, and lunch often consists of nothing but iced coffees and pink lemonade ice blocks, because it’s just to darn hot to eat anything solid during the day.

Trying to maintain the perfect natural beauty look in the sweltering heat, can be just as much of a challenge.

The BB Team has a no-fuss beauty list of products which will help you achieve an effortlessly summer beauty look, still worthy of a selfie at the beach.

Start with the Skin:

There’s no point showing off your fabulous no makeup makeup look, if your skin just isn’t right. So it’s important to kick start your effortless summer beauty look with a few key beauty products to help you have clear and glowing skin.

lush herbalism face cleanser

LUSH Herbalism Fresh Cleanser RRP $17.95

Bursting with chlorophyl water, rosemary, nettle, sage and rice vinegar, rice bran and ground almonds to help balance the skin and refresh from a day of sweat.

This cleanser does feel stranger at first to use, as the texture is a green putty like paste which smells liked cut grass. But don’t let that turn you off, as the cleanser works.

You take a small pitch and place in your hand, wet with a little water and then rub all over your face. A little goes a long way, so don’t use too much water. The grounds almonds and rice bran will exfoliate the skin, letting all the green nutrients of the cleanser sink deeper into the pores for a clean and clear complexion.

L’Action Paris Scars & Blemishes Rosa Mosqueta Seed Oil RRP $16.95

Used as an overnight treatment to help heal any scars and blemishes on the skin, this treatment is an amazing way to clear skin, and fast.

The formula has moisturising qualities, which is great as your skin stays hydrated whilst healing, instead of drying and then flaking like many other scar and blemish treatments.

The formula is light and easy to wear. After cleansing at night, you apply to clean and dry skin and leave overnight. Use for at least a month to help heal any bad scarring.

Aspect Complete Pigment Plus RRP $159.50

If you were anything like me as a child, and didn’t take sunscreen seriously you may have pigmentation on the skin now. Although I have managed to reduce a lot of my pigmentation with specialised skin treatments, there are always those certain areas which never seem to get better.

This pigmentation solution by Aspect is a real hero product in my arsenal of skincare, as I have significantly noticed a major reduction in pigmentation and skin discolouration.

Its a serum and can be worn both AM and PM, but you must also wear sunscreen over the top, before applying sunscreen. Yes, even if your sunscreen has SPF.

Edible Beauty Soothing Nectar Hydrating Gel RRP $50

In extremely hot weather, the hardest part about keeping fresh, is keeping skin soft, silky and well hydrated, And often, no matter what products you use, it can be difficult to keep skin well nourished in the heat.

This Hydrating Gel works wonders under foundation and skin does stay dewy for longer period in the day when wearing it.

I noticed a major increase in skin hydration whilst using this product, with skin looking dewy for at least up to six hours.

This was also helpful in keeping my foundation looking fresher for longer too. The texture is easy to wear, soft and smells like a sparkling cucumber juice – yum.

Paula’s Choice Triple Algae Pollution Shield RRP $41

This is a gel-based face moisturiser, and although the smell is a little clinical when applying, it dries fast and is easy to wear with any other product, especially foundation.

The special formulation of this gel which contains a Grape Polyphenols and Glutathione help skin to promote its own natural defences against strong pollutants in the air.

I’m really into gel-based moisturisers at the moment, as I am finding the formulation of these face products easy to wear, they dry faster than cream and they lock in moisture a lot better than most. Perfect for a hot Aussie summer.

Keep Makeup Simple:

Once you have adopted the right type of skincare routine for you, you will noticeably see improvements in overall skin texture, tone and even blemishes will either stop appearing. Or if they do appear, they will heal a lot faster than normal.

This means, in summer, you can keep your makeup routine simple, basic and wear less. Which is easier to manage under a hot summer sun.

L’Action Paris Tightening Pore Reduction Cream RRP $16.95

Many pore tightening creams can feel a little thick, making them uncomfortable to wear over moisturisers and under foundation.

Made from pineapple, passion fruit and raisin extract, this cream is light and fluffy. And it smells like fruit punch, perfect for the summer months.

The solution takes under one minute to activate, shrinking pores and keeping them closed for longer which is ideal for the hot weather, as you sweat less and makeup lasts longer.

Ardell Fauxmink Lightweight Lashes RRP $12.99

Ardell have launched a fabulous new range of false lashes attached to a luxurious lightweight invisiband, making false lashes more comfortable then ever to wear and easy to apply.

Available in a range of styles, from natural lash to extra feathers and so many more, these seasy to apply lashes are a serious game changer, with a glue that dries fast and peels of easy enough.

This means you can apply for special occasions and peel off same day, without the risk of damaging the delicate eye area or risking the removal of any of your natural lashes.

Ardell Professional Nail Addict RRP $15.99

Need a quick nail fix for a special occasion and don’t have time to hit the nail salon?

Ardell have revolutionised false nails, with their new designer kits. These kits are quick and easy to apply yourself, and no painting, shaping or styling is required.

You simply stick and go in under ten minutes. And depending on the type of nail shape you like, they are available in short and square, short and pointy, long and square, or short and round. There’s literally a style for any occasion and for any taste.

Your skin is now taken care of, with the right products to promote healthy, clear and glowing skin in summer. Your lashes are applied and nails on, you don’t need much else to achieve a no makeup makeup look.

Instead of applying mascara, heavy eyeshadows and foundation with lipstick (unless you have a hot summer date of course), why not go as natural as possible and use a clear lip gloss to show off your plump lips and keep eyes natural to show off your new lashes.

Swap your foundation for a lightweight tinted moisturiser or BB cream instead. Here are two perfect for the summer heat.

Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturiser RRP $55

This dermatologist tested BB tinted moisturiser excels at helping you achieve the no makeup makeup look, without leaving any oily residue, and it won’t block the pores either.

The formulation of this BB cream is water-based and lightweight to wear and is loaded with vitamin A, C and E to help nourish skin which giving the right type of coverage needed to hide any skin imperfections.

It can be used to replace your daily face moisturiser, or easily applied over the top of any moisturiser for extra hydration in the the summer months.

Rebecca Wilkinson

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Rebecca is a freelance content creator and beauty editor for Bondi Beauty. She is a pescatarian, who may yet become vegan. She loves all things beauty, health & travel, has a weakness for coffee and is obsessed with cats and yoga. If she's not answering her mobile - it's probably because she's trying out the latest beauty trend, like massaging crushed pearls into her skin for the ultimate collagen and vitamin boost to skin cells.


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