Eliminate wrinkles while you sleep

A savvy Sydney girl has released a fab new product that works while you sleep to eliminate wrinkles.

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Yep, we’ve road tested Wrinkles Schminkles and think it’s an awesome product.

Wrinkles Schminkles is simply a stick on, peel off silicone system that smooths the skin on your brow, under eyes and even chest whilst you sleep. It feels cool, is unobtrusive and leaves skin plumped and glowing.

The new product is brilliant after a big night out or before a big day to get your skin as smooth and supple as possible in just one night.

You can even slide them on during the day if no-one is around,  just make sure skin is clean and dry with no moisturisers or other products on it.

Silicone has been used on scars for years by the medical fraternity. Anyone who has had an operation in the past few years  in Australia is given silicone strips to speed up the healing process and to reduce scarring. It stands to reason it is good for keeping skin clear, bright and fresh.

For more info, check out their site.



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