The Best Investment I’ve Made During Lockdown Has Been a Massage Gun

Looking for a way to treat yourself, as well as deal with your sanity during lockdown on Australia’s East Coast? A massage gun is the answer.

Ok, so it sounds crazy, but the unexpected delivery of a hydragun massage gun was the best gift I have so far received during the recent lockdown.

I am crazy about exercise. I signed up to a new gym, Revl, just before lockdown which is a pretty hard core weights gym, and I went 3 times a week every week at 530am.

My body has never felt better, but my muscles were definitely fatigued on a regular basis.

The Hydragun massage gun is  a great relief during lockdown
The Hydragun massage gun is a great relief during lockdown

I have always enjoyed a massage, and Revl is the kind of gym where the trainers regularly reminded us of the importance of massage to relax the body, the muscles and the mind. To me. a Hydragun massage gun is the chocolate sundae reward for the calorie conscious.

And now, massage is inaccessible. Thanks to severe lockdown laws in NSW and most of Australia, we are on our own when it comes to both fitness as well as massage.

I had read about massage guns, and several Bondi Beauty staff have road tested them, but I didn’t think it was for me. But when the Hydragun tuned up, it changed everything, and not just for me but for the whole family.

It is super easy to use – you simply plug it in, power it up and turn it on. There are six different massage heads, which work for different parts of the body, and for different strengths of massage – some are super hard, others lighter.Some work better on fabric, others directly on the skin.

The six different speeds settings also help control the strength of the massage on the skin and effect on the muscles.

The Hydragun Massage Gun.
The Hydragun Massage Gun.

The big selling point of this product is the lack of noise – I have never had another gun to compare it to, but this one is certainly very quiet and unabtrusive.

The technical reason is that it is powered by Smoothdrive™ motor technology, making it the quietest brushless motor that exists without the compromise of power, beating at 3200 pulses per minute.

When I get back into full-on fitness, the Hydragun can also help warm muscles before a weights or training session, as well as help stretch and relax muscles afterwards.

This is such a great incentive for my summer fitness routine, which is likely also going to have to kick off during this lockdown.

The biggest selling point for me is the case the Hydragun comes in – it is sturdy and zips up, so when I do start travelling again, it is really easy to take with me.

Right now it is really helping with my posture, as my WFH desk just doesn’t have the same ergonomic set up as my regular office.

The price is now a very reasonable $399 with a fathers day discount and a 30 day risk free return policy.

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