Hair trends to avoid.

Bondi Beauty gets the latest hair scoop from International Hairdresser Nathan Gorman about dated hair trends, salon no-go’s and some top tips for finding the perfect hairdresser.

One of the best ways to have beautiful hair is to ensure you have the right stylist, products and treatments. Image supplied by Kevin Murphy.

Trends come and go, but some seem to linger around longer than they should. International Hairdresser Nathan Gorman from Kevin Murphy a tells us what’s hot and what’s not.

Failed balayage attempts

Balayage is a beautiful artistic technique that means ‘to sweep’ in French and involves ‘painting’ the hair. However, Nathan says the term has been stolen and now seems to mean over bleached ends. “Colour should be a seamless merge from light to dark or vice versa. So it is not balayage I am over, but over bleached or coloured ends,” he says.  If the ends are heavily bleached and you are working out a lot, it can become very fragile very fast. So if your balayage style looks like your ends have been carelessly dipped in colour, perhaps it’s time for a salon visit.

Chemical straightening and keratin treatments

Chemical straightening and Keratin treatments are popular with women who want permanently straight hair. Nathan warns that these treatments can make hair age as they remove natural moisture, resulting in hair which is flat and limp. The effect is even worse if you are working out a lot and over-washing hair.  If you want to achieve a sleek, straight look, Nathan suggests using flat irons instead of Keratin or chemical straightening treatments. But don’t overdo it as hair should never look ironed. For great straight hair inspiration, Nathan recommends model Cara Delevingne, who has the look just right. 

Dip dyed

This style is similar to balayage, but usually done in bold colours. Although bright and pastel hair is fun and trendy, effort and technique should be shown in the process to get the right style. Nathan advises that “It should blend and look like it has been done professionally, not at home. You lose extra points if your blue is fading to green and if the colour is not even and beautiful.” Don’t forget if you are swimming , especially in chlorine, the chemicals can dramatically effect colour, and this may not be the best look for your hair.

To avoid the wrong hair style for you, Kevin says finding the right stylist is key:

Nathan’s top tip checklist to finding a great stylist:

1. Have an in-depth consultation

Any new stylist should look at your face shape and how your hair accentuates your key features. Honesty is important as that’s how you create a great style for someone. Also, look out for a waiting list. If a salon can give you an appointment tomorrow, give it a miss.

2. Evaluate their career credentials

It is important for stylists to have worked outside their salon in the greater fashion industry so you know they have plenty of knowledge and experience. Don’t be scared to ask about their work experience.

3. Hair trends are not fashion

There are so many face shapes and hair types out there, and everyone suits different styles. So take the time to think about your features before you commit to a drastic trend.

4. Healthy hair will result in a great style/cut.

A new style/cut will always look best if you’ve looked after your hair.

Follow this golden hair guide to ensure your locks are the healthiest they can be.

Golden Rule 1: Always use sulfate and paraben free products as harsh chemicals can damage your hair.

Golden Rule 2: Let your hair dry naturally on your day off.

Golden Rule 3: Try to choose products with a natural sunscreen to protect your hair from the sun.

By BB Intern Jess Brears

What’s the biggest hair mistake you’ve made?

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