5 Ways To Brighten A Winter’s Day

In Sydney, we don’t do cool weather all that well. Here are a couple of ways to brighten a winter’s day:

Bright Sun Behind Woman Smiling In Winter
Get creative in winter to brighten your day and feel good.

Give Yourself a Makeover

A change of season is the perfect opportunity to totally mix up your make-up routine from selecting a new shade of eyeshadow (see our how-to video here) or lipstick, to finally using that contour kit you’ve had for a while (see our article on how-to here). Cooler weather means you’re likely to have more nights in, the perfect chance to experiment new trends with girlfriends or create a day spa at home. Stepping out with a whole new look has to be our favourite way to brighten a gloomy day. 


Comfort food is called comfort food for a reason, and as Winter sets in, your body will crave warmer, richer food. From carb loaded meals through to healthier recipes, the key is balance. Roasts are a great way to bring people together on cold days, and This Potato Gratin recipe is the ultimate in indulgence and a great accompaniment to any meal. Just ensure you pair it with some hearty winter vegetables. 

Ice Skate at Bondi Beach

This is a unique and must have experience, where you get to enjoy ice skating at the beach in the Bondi Pavilion. Listen to the waves in the background whilst you ice skate in the sunshine or under the stars at night. It’s a great way to enjoy a winter’s day either by yourself, with family or friends. Bondi Ice Rink will open on Friday 1st July 2016 and run until Sunday 17th July between the hours of 10am to 9pm daily. Each sessions runs for 45 minute and includes free skate hire. Bookings essential: bondiicerink.starsonice.com.au If you don’t fancy an ice skate, head down to the ice rink on a Saturday or Sunday at 5.45pm or 6.45pm to watch the spectacular ice show by the Stars on Ice Skating Champions.


When the days get shorter and the mornings and nights a little cooler our motivation to workout often starts to wane. Whilst it can be tough, once we get over the initial chill exercise will make us feel just us good us it does any other time of year. Whether you are walking along the considerably less crowded Bondi Beach, doing a home workout or joining a gym such as Fitness First to make the most of the various classes, there is a way to keep active. The natural high will be well worth it, as will your beach body in a few months time when Spring arrives.

Treat Yourself

For those ‘Parks and Recreation’ fans, “Treat yourself” has to be the motto of the moment, and at Bondi Beauty we are totally embodying it during the gloomier months. Whether you’ve had your eye on the adorable cupcakes in the storefront of the bakery around the corner, or you’ve been window shopping the perfect dress for what feels like forever, why not take the plunge? Cheering yourself up with a little treat from time to time can be exactly the pick-me-up you need. You don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to brighten your own day, just spoil yourself with something little that will make your larger goals easier in the long run.

Play a Game

You might be surprised by how much fun you can have with an old fashioned board game. From Scrabble to Monopoly or even Cluedo, a simple game can be a great way to brighten a gloomy day and get family and friends together. However, if you’re on your own why not jump online, where you can play a number of different games without needing a buddy. Pokies.com online is ideal for those lonelier moments when you need a bit of an instant buzz and/or distraction.

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