Lauren Walker


The Only DIY Coconut Yoghurt Recipe You Need In Your Life

Coconut yoghurt is expensive, so we’ve sourced an easy and quick DIY recipe. The jury is still out on coconuts, but most nutritionists agree coconuts have some health benefits. They contain medium chain saturated fatty acids, which do need to be consumed in moderation but are known to ward off disease causing organisms due to […]

Make your own super food – Alkalised Almonds

Why alkalising your almonds is worth the effort (and not that hard anyway). What are Alkalised Almonds? Almonds are one of the superfoods with many nutritious benefits such as being a great source of vitamin E, magnesium and protein. However, certain natural properties prevent almonds from releasing all the benefits and might be harmful in […]

Digestive Health – the importance of healing the digestive system

Having a healthy, well functioning digestive system can determine the rest of the body’s health so healing it can be life changing.     The digestive system acts as the body’s second and brain and can therefore determine our mood, energy levels and emotions. Having a poor digestive system that is not operating in it’s […]

Brain Training and why you need it as much as fitness for your body.

Don’t underestimate the power of a healthy brain We know it’s important to exercise our bodies but the importance of having a healthy and active brain is often underestimated. Research has shown having a healthy and well-functioning brain will improve clinical conditions such as depression. It can also improve sleep, exercise, motivation, memory, co-ordination, concentration, […]

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