The importance of being present.

We spend a lot of time thinking about yesterday and tomorrow, how much of our day do we spend focusing on the present?

Being present can have multiple benefits including “a greater connection with yourself and the universe”.

Today we live in a world full of stress, busy schedules, traffic jams and headaches. Despite having virtually anything we need, or want, at our fingertips, and our finely tuned ability to multitask, we still battle with the feeling that there “aren’t enough hours in the day”.  We shop, talk, work, learn and organize our lives (often all at once) via some form of technology.

But how often do we stop to think about what this is doing not only to our culture, but to our minds and bodies?

To put it frankly, our Western way of living is far from what nature intended. The body was not designed to take on so much stress. It’s important to take a step back and re-evaluate ourselves in the moment, not only for the sake of our own bodies and minds but also the people around us.

Bondi Beauty spoke with Chiropractor and holistic practitioner Aaron Roughan about the negative impacts of living in the future. According to Aaron, “we will age quicker and it will rob us of experiencing the only true time that really exists – right now. Our body will follow the mind so if the body is living in the future with fear or worry, or in the past with guilt and shame, our bodies will act accordingly”.

Here are some simple tips to balancing your life by getting back to basics.


Writing lists is a great way to organise your day. Making to-do lists allows you to clear your mind onto paper and prioritise tasks so you can get things done with less stress.

Appreciate Nature

Whether it’s going for a dip in the ocean or a walk in the local park on your lunch break, appreciating nature is a highly effective way to unwind and clear the mind.

Eat slower

Eating should be enjoyable. Savor each mouthful, take notice of the textures and flavours of your meal. Plus, studies have proved that eating slower creates more saliva and more saliva means easier digestion.


Our lungs are what allow us to breath, to stay alive. Doing just five minutes of breathing exercises a day will increase lung capacity and therefore increase quality of life. According to Aaron breathing helps to center the mind, “which will help center the brain and body through our nervous system”.

Do what you love

Aaron explains that doing something that you love will engage the frontal lobe of the brain, which is responsible for creativity and imagination. When the frontal lobe is engaged it acts as a volume control on the time and space centers of the brain, ultimately engaging the brain in the here and now as opposed to focusing on what is next.

Take it easy on the multi-tasking

While multitasking is certainly a valuable skill to have, sometimes its important to really knuckle down on single tasks and focus your energy to reach your full potential.

Being present is a skill and it does take time, but once we are present and fully focused our creativity, originality and knowledge can be set free.

Implement two of these tips into your day to day life, you’ll be surprised how quickly you notice the differences.

Aaron believes that the benefits you will receive from staying present are amazing, including “a greater connection with yourself and the universe”.

BB Intern Lauren Walker

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