Blogger and model Natasha Oakley speaks to Bondi Beauty.

Natasha Oakley, gorgeous founder of A Bikini A Day & Veet Natural Inspirations Ambassador says we should all feel confident in a bikini.

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Natasha Oakley Veet Ambassador says we can all logo and feel good in a bikini this summer “Being confident in a bikini is about remembering that we are all naturally gorgeous.”

 Natasha has her own site, models and lives between the US and Australia. She chatted to us about all things beauty, bikini and summer.

Tell us about bikini a day – what is the concept of your blog?
A Bikini A Day started as place to share my best friend  Devin (Brugman) and I’s obsession with bikinis but turned into so much more for us and for our followers, now it is an inspiration to women all over the world and a place for us to share our knowledge not only of bikinis but of all things beach related.

What was the inspiration for it?
Travel, the beach, freedom and of course our obsession for beloved bikinis themselves. The A Bikini A Day lifestyle is something most aspire to, something that makes you dream. Devin and I are so lucky to live the lifestyle we do, of course it comes with hard work but having the beach as your office definitely makes life more enjoyable. As best friends, Devin and I are lucky to have a great working relationship, we have never once had a fight, we work so well together.

What fitness do you do to maintain your bikini body?
We actually just released our work out routine on which you can see here- – working out regularly is important but I feel confident in my bikini from little things like- manicured nails, waxing with Veet for silky smooth skin at the beach and keeping your skin exfoliated and moisturised.

How can girls deal with the fear of going on the beach in a bikini?
Being confident in a bikini is about remembering that we are all naturally gorgeous, don’t compare your selves to others, be proud and happy in your own skin.

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle with fitness, diet and a healthy positive outlook on life can help for those beach days where your not feeling as confident in your bikini. Also the more your on the beach the more confident you will feel, I find when I am covered up in clothes a lot in winter I feel less confident about my body.
Do you enjoy Bondi Beach can scan you share any memories/anecdotes of your time there?

Being a Sydney girl I grew up on the beaches of the eastern suburbs so I have some great memories at Bondi- including early Sunday mornings at nippers!

What about diet – what are your tips?
My tips are to keep a balanced diet; I genuinely enjoy fresh, healthy meals but definitely treat myself too, all in moderation. On a normal day I will have a smoothie or juice for breakfast a salad or wrap for lunch and some sort of meat and vegetables for dinner. I don’t snack a lot but love to have fresh coconut water, fruit and nuts.

How important are beauty products to you?
I don’t go overboard with beauty products but the basics are very important, body and face moisturizer and a daily SPF are things I cant live without.
What are your top 5 beauty products and why?
Veets wax strips, great for travelling and long lasting smoothness, and easy to use. YSL shocking mascara does wonders for your eyelashes, I don’t wear a lot of make up but a little bit of mascara everyday is essential. Touché eclate foundation and highlighter, these changed my life, this foundation works so well with my skin and looks so natural, I also have a golden undertone to skin so these match me perfectly where as others can look grey on my skin. Kiehls lightweight cream- face moisturizer – it’s so important to stay moisturized, especially whilst travelling, I love how light it is and it smells amazing as well.

Where is your favorite place in the world to wear a bikini?

Anywhere tropical and beautiful of course, I could never choose one place!

How are you getting bikini ready for summer?

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