Build Your Own Beauty: The Rise of Customisable Beauty Products

The future of beauty products is all about the customisable beauty trend, with products tailored to an individual’s own needs.

Skin can be incredibly sensitive, and what may work for one individual may have the opposite effects for another.

Additionally, finding the right products for skin type is no easy feat. As many as nine in ten women are unsure of which products they should be using, and over 68 per cent of US women believe they are yet to have found the right facial moisturier for their own skin.

For years, consumers have demanded tailor made consumables, from food in restaurants to clothing.

Some of the highest end fashion brands including Louis Vuitton are customising bags and clothing with initials and bespoke finishes.

Clearly a trend that won’t be disappearing fast, it’s now being applied to beauty.

Bespoke beauty, otherwise known as customisable beauty, these products can be tailored to the individual, giving the best results. And often, a unique product not seen elsewhere, fully allowing people to build their own beauty.

Custom Moisturiser: Clinique iD Customisable Blend Hydrator, RRP$ 60 AUD

bespoke beauty, customisable beauty: Clinique Id
New Clinique iD allows for 15 different combinations for different skin concerns

One of Clinique’s newest products is also their first that can be personalised to the individual’s needs.

The Clinique iD custom-blend moisturiser and hydrator offers 15 different combinations for different skin concerns.

To start with, users select a base – the iconic yellow ‘dramatically different moisturising lotion’ for normal to dry skin, an oil control gel for combination oily to oily skin, or a new hydrating jelly, for all skin types.

Then, an active cartridge is chosen – Irritation, pores & uneven texture, uneven skin tone, fatigue, and lines & wrinkles are the options available.

 Colour coded for each skin concern, Clinique’s senior vice president of global marketing Julien Moignard, says these are the five main skin concerns that women have worldwide.

This active cartridge, which contains the concentrated benefits of the chosen product, then slides into the spot in the base product, clicking into place to make a personalised product.

What is then pumped out is 90 per cent hydration base and 10 per cent active concentrate, making the application precise and effective.

Bondi Beauty tested the hydrating jelly base combined with the fatigue active cartridge.

Bespoke beauty customisable beauty: Cliniqiue Id
The hydrating jelly, combined with the orange active cartridge “Fatigue”

The texture of the hydrating jelly is smooth and lightweight. The application is easy, with the product blending in seamlessly to the skin, leaving it soft and supple.

The orange fatigue cartridge not only looks amazing in the clear gel of the bottle, but once applied, it left my skin feeling rejuvenated and revitalised.

As per Clinique’s usual formula, there is no fragrance, parabens or phthalates added to the products – which is great for people who have especially sensitive skin. It also leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed, without overly perfumed.

The product is designed to be used twice a day, every morning and night, meaning it should last up to three months.

For further customisation, Clinique also launched “Clinical Reality”, where people can take a selfie, upload their picture to the website, and within minutes receive a precise analysis of their skin, with advice gathered from over 50 years of dermatologist-driven expertise.

Custom Shampoo and Conditioner: Function of Beauty

bespoke beauty, customisable beauty, function of beauty
Customisable shampoo and conditioner; even down to the name printed on the bottle. Image: Brand

Function of Beauty, based in the US, is one of the only companies that creates bespoke shampoo and conditioner, entirely dependent on the individual’s needs.

Using a “hair quiz” on the brand’s website, users select their hair type, hair structure and scalp moisture, with an easy guide available if people are unsure of what category they fit.

bespoke beauty, customisable beauty: Function of beauty shampoo
The available customisations for Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner

Then, five hair goals are chosen – from deep condition, replenish hair, fix split ends, colour protection, volumize, anti-ageing, oil control, as well as ten other options.

Next, a fragrance is chosen, along with how strong the scent will be. Options include peach, pear, florals, pineapple, cherry blossom, eucalyptus and peppermint, or fragrance-free. 

bespoke beauty, customisable beauty, function of beauty
Over 12 billion combinations are possible with Function of Beauty

Additionally, even the colour of the shampoo and conditioner can be customised, with cute pastel shades making this product Instagram-worthy. Users can also customise the name of their formula and have it printed on the bottle.

Finally, the size and frequency of use is chosen, creating a product that is designed for the user every single step of the way.

With all the different choices that can be made, there’s 12 billion possible formulations.

As an added bonus, they’re also vegan and cruelty free.

The product, however, is not on the cheap side, though this can be expected when considering each product must be individually mixed and packaged, based on what the customer has chosen.

Prices start from $59 AUD for a 473ml shampoo or conditioner, or $79 AUD for a set of both.

Custom Foundation: Dermaviduals Deco RRP$ 89 AUD.

Foundation is one of the hardest products to get right for one’s skin tone, and nothing is more frustrating than spending exuberant amounts of money on a product to find that the shade is just slightly off.

Dermaviduals aims to change that, launching their own line of bespoke beauty in 2017, called Deco.

Base Foundation Plus (RRP$89 AUD) is a bespoke foundation that contains high-quality substances and pigments that care for the skin.

bespoke beauty, customisable beauty, dermaviduals
Dermaviduals Base Foundation Plus is colour matched

With assistance from in-store treatment specialists in over 115 clinics across Australia, customers can personalize and blend their own foundation. Made to t match their exact skin tone, it can also be blended to create the desired coverage.

Additionally, the foundation is free from harsh preservatives, fragrances and emulsifiers, making this a gentle product that doesn’t damage the skin. 

Lipstick: The Lip Lab, RRP $65 AUD

The first of its kind in Australia, The Lip Lab allows customers to create their own shade of lipstick.

bespoke beauty, customisable beauty, the lip lab
The Lip Lab offers customised lipstick and lip glosses. Image: brand

In a 30 minute consultation with one of their professional lip colour specialists, customers discuss the normal colours they wear, what texture and finish they prefer, and what they would like to experiment with.

Then, they choose what pigments and colours will go into the lipstick. It is then heated, mixed and cooled into the custom lipstick moulds, right in store.

Other customisations include adding SPF protection, choosing a flavour (strawberry, blueberry and citrus, among others), adding a lip plumper or including an anti-aging property to stop the lipstick creeping into fine lines.

And one of the best parts? It only takes 15 minutes to create a lipstick shade that is completely unique.

bespoke beauty, customisable beauty, the lip lab
The Lip Lab mixes and creates customised lipsticks in 15 minutes

There’s also the option of creating your own lip gloss, foundation or concealer.

Prices start at $65 AUD for a lipstick, $30 AUD for a lip gloss and $3 extra for flavours and additives. Foundation is priced at $75, while a concealer is $30.

The Lip Lab has boutiques in Paddington, Richmond, Narellan, Geelong and Orange, to name a few. The full list of their locations can be found here.

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