The Xtend Barre 60 Day Challenge- My Experience By A Bondi Beauty

Bondi Beauty’s Anita Senior road tested the Xtend Barre 60 Day Challenge with amazing results. Here is her personal account of the experience:

Bondi Beauty’s Anita Senior fit and fabulous after the 60 day Xtend Barre Challenge: “It is the longest I have ever managed to be consistent in any programme I have tried.”

Australia is fast becoming one of the most health focused countries in the world. With so many options to choose from when deciding to get fit, how do you know if a program will suit you or not? How do you know if you will enjoy it or reap the benefits? Try it out of course! I road tested the Xtend Barre 60 day challenge to find out.

Having gained some weight as a uni student and battling the pounds ever since, I felt I needed something to kick start a new lifestyle. I’m no good at depriving myself so a fad diet for instant results just wasn’t going to cut it. Enter the challenge. A combination of pilates and ballet with 9 healthy eating rules.

Working in the hospitality sector, making it to classes required constant planning around my schedule, so I decided to commit myself to the basic tier of the programme, the Core programme, which requires attendance at three classes per week.

Getting there was the biggest battle, but once I did, I felt an instant sense of unity within the class. I was always greeted by a friendly instructor and women of all shapes and sizes (be it overweight, a fitness fanatic or even pregnant) with the ultimate end goal to maintain a fit and healthy body.

Getting there was the biggest battle, but once I did, I felt an instant sense of unity within the class

The space offered a safe and encouraging environment to test yourself at any level. Instructors would use queue words like ‘if available’ and ‘your challenge zone’ to encourage performance. The exercises mix barre work, floor work and light weights with modifications for every level. The first class was challenging and boy did I sweat through every single one, even as my fitness improved. But by the end of the 8 weeks I found myself trying and even managing the advanced positions.

I made full use of the studio’s varied timetable, experiencing other classes that Xtend Barre had to offer such as Xtend Barre Circuit, Fit Ball , TRX and Technique. Technique was particularly useful as a beginner because it places emphasis on understanding the various steps and terminology used at Xtend Barre.

Preparing healthy meals were part of the 60 day challenge.

The exercise portion of the challenge was easier than I had thought to maintain. Over the course of 8 weeks I built muscle.

Everything felt lifted and tighter. It is the longest I have ever managed to be consistent in any programme I have tried.

What made it work for me is the commitment factor. On the first day of challenge, each participant had their photo taken to be put on a board. The board hung in the changing area with a calendar of the 8 weeks that would follow.

The idea being that each class you attend would require you to place a tick on the board. As the weeks passed, it was easy to see who was slacking and who was thriving; a great way of of promoting some healthy competition.

I could see the Xtreme Core ladies racking up 5 classes per week and it enticed me to complete classes on my off days.

It gave me the satisfaction to see all the classes I’d done on paper as the weeks went by.

The 60 Day Challenge manual kept me in check with 9 healthy eating rules, a series of delicious recipes and a food diary.

Aside from improving my posture, health, body confidence, muscle tone and dropping a dress size, this challenge improved my will power and ability to motivate myself. Each class is booked online and the appointment like aspect means you feel obliged to attend but believe me once you’re there, you wont want to leave!

Look out for the next 60 day challenge or sign up to a drop in class today here

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