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Do You Know Your Fitness Age?

The Norwegian University have created a site which helps you test the age of your body and what your fitness age is. It’s nothing new and it has been around for a while, but we just love this new site which tells you a lot about what age your legs really are, along with the […]

You’re ready for snow… but is your body?

The best thing about winter is a weekend away in the snow, but your body needs conditioning. Before you rush off to pack your beanie and thermal socks, take a minute to check your body is ready for action on the slopes. Skiing offers a great whole body workout that begins with carrying your ski […]

On A Budget? Try These At Home Workouts

There are many ways you can work out without a gym membership or equipment, here’s how: I can’t train because I don’t have a gym membership. I can’t go for a run because it’s cold and rainy. I can’t exercise at home because I don’t have any equipment. As the saying goes – If you […]

How to Tune up and Tone up for Date Night

Bondi Beauty’s Rachel Livingstone has a date night tune up and tone up, so you’re ready for some hot winter dates. Dressing up for date night can be lots of fun. Whether you are trying on a new man each week, in search for the one, or scheduling some quality time with your main squeeze amongst […]

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