Fab New Bondi Wetsuits

Bondi designer Ashleigh Nicholls got the Bondi Rescue Crew to model her fab new wetsuits. She chatted to Bondi Beauty.

The Bondi Rescue Team with Ink wetsuit designer Ashleigh Niccols on Bondi Beach.

1) What was the inspiration for your amazing wetsuits? Why make them so bright?
Being a lover of fashion I personally feel a great importance in expressing yourself through your attire and I felt like I couldn’t do that with wetsuits and rashies. There was no choice. The sun and surf deserve much more than seal-like wetsuits.

My brand Ink In Water is all about the colours of summer and creating your own identity. Through Ink In Water I wanted to bring fashion and expression to the surf. It’s all about freedom, fun and standing out from the crowd!

2) How integral was Bondi to your designs and inspiration?
It was everything! Growing up on Bondi and Coogee beach has moulded me into the mermaid I am today. Bondi has so many elements to inspire and fall in love with, whether it be its sheer size and beauty, growing walls of art or it’s amazing people.

3) What are three things you personally love about Bondi?
I love how open Bondi beach is, it’s so large it gives you this amazing feeling of freedom. The wall of artworks that frame the beach.

I love all these artworks as they bring a personal touch to the beach. It’s really inspiring to see so many people expressing themselves for everyone to admire. And last but not least the Bondi Lifeguards! These guys have got a special place in many Bondi lovers hearts, as Rod Kerr puts it they ” drink beer, eat pies and save lives!” What’s not to love?

Lauren loves the artwork in Bondi.

4) Do you wear wetsuits – are you a winter water person?
Yes I do wear wetsuits. I have lived by the sea my entire life so the beach has always been my backyard. Each season has its own beautiful qualities so I would say I’m a water person in general, I swim all year round and I love to go snorkelling and stand up paddle boarding.

5) Who are you aiming the range at?
Everyone! I have designed a range of wetsuits and rash shirts for men, women and children. I wanted to give everyone the choice to express themselves and stand out from the crowd.

6) How thick are the wetsuits and what sports are they aimed at ( swimming or surfing or both)?
We have a wide range of suits catering for all sorts of water sports, starting with our women’s range of ‘Vixen’ bodysuits (both sleeveless and long sleeve) which are perfect for any water play. Then you launch into the wetsuits.

We currently have two styles of spring suits, flatlock and GBS. Our flatlock wetsuits are 2mm in thickness and are perfect for swimmers and surfers at all levels. Our GBS (Glued and Blind Stitched) wetsuits are a little more detailed. At 3mm The GBS suit has glued seams to help prevent water leakage and keeps you warmer for longer, it also has a chest zipper which combined with our super stretch neoprene gives you the best flexibility and performance possible.

We also have a range of steamers coming so follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.
INK isn’t only concerned about keeping you protected from the cold but also from the Sun. We have a wide range of funky rash shirts that are all UPF 50+! Be Sun Safe!

7) Are you planning to design swimsuits to match?
Anything is possible at this stage. INK is still very new and we are growing so much! We have had such an amazing response and we want to continue to spread colour through the waves until it reaches every corner of the globe!

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