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KIC Girls Steph and Laura’s Secrets to A Kick-Ass Booty

How to get that booty better – inner secrets from KIC Girls Steph and Laura. It seems like only yesterday that we were high school girls hoping and praying that our hips and butts wouldn’t get too big – what were we thinking?! We’re not ones to ever encourage young women to strive toward a […]

Cream that heats your skin before bed?

Alpha Keri’s new heat-activating slimming and firming serum could be the answer to your cellulite – and help you ditch the electric blanket. We thought we’d seen it all in terms of products that REALLY give cellulite the boot, but this amazing new serum heralds a new era in slimming beauty products. Gorgeous Sam Frost is […]

The Xtend Barre 60 Day Challenge- My Experience By A Bondi Beauty

Bondi Beauty’s Anita Senior road tested the Xtend Barre 60 Day Challenge with amazing results. Here is her personal account of the experience: Australia is fast becoming one of the most health focused countries in the world. With so many options to choose from when deciding to get fit, how do you know if a […]

Cut and tone fast

How to target specific areas and have a toned body. Total body conditioning is the best way to cut and tone effectively. To get a good overall body workout, you need to focus on specific areas to really feel the burn. Legs Cycling does wonders for the thighs and calves. Start your workout with four […]