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Elle Macpherson Says Balancing Her PH Completely Changed Her Life

A modern lifestyle could be making your body too acidic and upsetting its healthy pH balance. At 51, the sculpted supermodel has a body which women half her age only ever dream of having. The age-defying mother of three claims balancing her pH completely changed her life. The Theory A highly acidic diet is a […]

3 popular diets for summer BUSTED by experts

Bondi Beauty has spoken to two qualified experts to bust 3 popular diets for summer. We come in many shapes and sizes and it’s our belief that ALL women are fierce beauty queens who shouldn’t change to fit societies mould of ‘beautiful’. But, with summer just around the corner, you may be feeling like you […]

Match your beach hair with an awesome beach body

Just as the beach can give you great beach hair, you can also get a great body using the water as your fitness buddy. Sydney Personal Trainer Rachel Livingstone shows us how: Stand up paddle boarding is the fastest growing sport in Australia. It is fun and anyone can get the hang of it. SUP […]

Periscope Fitness? The free way to a bikini body.

Have you embraced the new fitness trend? Free Periscope Fitness Classes – we give you our top five: If you have trouble finding time or money for exercise then  check out Periscope—Twitter’s live streaming service. Periscope works a little bit like your Snapchat story—except that it lets you live-stream your life as well as storing […]

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