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Periscope Fitness? The free way to a bikini body.

Have you embraced the new fitness trend? Free Periscope Fitness Classes – we give you our top five: If you have trouble finding time or money for exercise then  check out Periscope—Twitter’s live streaming service. Periscope works a little bit like your Snapchat story—except that it lets you live-stream your life as well as storing […]

How to get that bikini body now

Some left field tips on how to get that bikini body happening right now.   Summer is not far away, but whether you need a quick boost or to wake yourself up from a long ,cold winter, these tips will kick start your fitness,  your self-esteem and most importantly your mind set. Getting into a […]

Look younger this spring with the right beauty routine

The right preparation now will mean your face and body are youthful and glowing for the best spring/summer ever. Here are four things to do right now to feel and look amazing: 1) Exfoliate: Grab a serious body exfoliator like The Aromatherapy Co’s Coffee Body Scrub and use every 2-3 days on your whole body […]

Am I the only one who hates trying on swimsuits?

Sometimes I wonder if I am the only person in the world who hates trying on new swimsuits. I have spent the last few days on the Gold Coast, and what does a girl do in her down time on the GC? Shop for swims suits, of course. There are an inordinate number of swimsuit […]

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