5 workout tricks to lose weight in less time.

Whether you’re trying to slim down for a specific event or just don’t have enough time to spend hours at the gym these 5 exercise short cuts will help you lose weight in less time.

Exercising outdoors offers more distractions as well as challenges.


  1. Multitask

Multitasking is a skill all women learn to use and is a great time saver – when done right. So why not multitask in the gym?

Doing two exercises at once might sound hard but it’s actually really simple. Combination exercises incorporate multiple muscles in a single movement making them more efficient and increase intensity resulting burning more calories in less time. You can also workout your upper and lower body together.

Try It: Instead of doing regular lunges grab a pair of dumbbells and do a dumbbell lunge with shoulder press by lunging on the spot and as you come up from the lunge curl the dumbbells and press them overhead. Reverse the movement as you lunge down and repeat.

  1. Step up your weight

When you’ve been doing your workout for a while your body gets used to the routine and weights you do and becomes complacent.

Avoid this by changing up the amount of weight you’re use, try lifting heavier weight than normal. This will also increase the intensity of your workout and help burn more calories.

Try It: Start by grabbing a heavier weight than you normally would. Perform your chosen exercise, however do fewer reps than you would with a lighter weight. It’s all about challenging yourself.

  1. Go from bottom to top

The biggest muscles in your body are in your legs, these include the quads, hamstrings and your butt.

Because they’re the biggest muscles, it takes more energy to move them which means you burn more calories while working them out.

When you begin your workout with these muscle groups you have more energy to push hard and can really focus on giving it all you got and enjoy the calorie burning results.

Try It: After your warm up go straight into lower body exercises such as squats, lunges and leg machines.

  1. Choose the ball

Substituting a Swiss ball during exercises where you’d usually use the floor or a bench can really boost your workout. By balancing on the Swiss ball, or something similar like the half ball shape of the BOSU ball, your core muscles are activated to help you keep balanced.

Try It: Instead of doing triceps dips with your feet on a bench or the floor, place them on a Swiss Ball instead. The extra effort it takes to remain balanced will have your core muscles burning. Lift one leg as your balance becomes better for an extra challenge.

  1. Take it outdoors.

Training outdoors can refresh your workouts as well as offering more challenging terrain.

Research shows that when you run outside the air resistance you face makes your body work harder and burn more calories than you would if you were running at the same speed inside.

The natural terrain can engage your mind more than the wall in front of the treadmill, distracting you from the fact that this hill seems to be never ending.

Try It:  Go to your local park, or if you’re lucky enough water side walking tracks. You’ll be surprised by the difference you feel running in fresh scenery than you do on a treadmill in the gym.

What’s your favourite workout shortcut?

By BB Intern Dominique Tait

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