Now is the time to detox, and you can have a meal plan delivered to your door

With Christmas around the corner, a detox now will have your body ready for the onslaught of festive fun ahead.

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Eat Fit Food is the fuss-free, tasty detox.

Sydney celebrities have been flocking to Eat Fit Food for a simple, easy and fuss-free balanced way to de-tox and lose weight with ethical meats, sustainably farmed fruit and vegetables and tasty, easy meals.

The concept is based on the premise that food is medicine.

Eat Fit Food Founder Bianca Monley spoke to Bondi Beauty about detoxing now.

1) Why would someone choose eat fit food over an alternative detox program? What are the differences?

Eat Fit Food differentiates itself from other meal delivery companies/ weight loss programs as it is based purely on the concept that food is medicine.

This encompasses eating wholesome, nutritious food as the basis of good health. Meals are delivered fresh daily, nothing is frozen and we take pride in our sustainability farmed ingredients.

Using ethical meats, local produce, zero additives, no refined sugar and plenty of healthy fats and superfoods.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and continually ‘greening up’ every process, product and service.

2) Is the idea that by getting eat fit food delivered you are educated into understanding what food works for a healthy and balanced diet?

Eat Fit Food delivers nutritionally rich meals, developed to inspire health and wellness.

They are calorie conscious, portion controlled and designed to cleanse and energise the body.

Education is a big part of what we do, sharing nutrition and fitness advice, as well as recipes and health tips via our newsletter and social media platforms.

3) How often do most people go on the program in year to maintain a healthy, fit body?

We have continuously ordering clients who order with us on a weekly basis, and have done for many years. We have other clients who jump on and off one of our 5, 10 or 20 day programs once a season. We have a variety of programs for both men and women and we can tailor menus to cater for most specific dietary requirements and needs.

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