Gym gear that pulls you in where you need it.



In fashion circles they’re calling it the spanx of the fitness world. Fitness gear that pulls you in where you need it most.


Sydney mum Heather Thomson (in red) has launched Yummie Tummie to help women get back into exercise after baby.

Are you worried about wearing gym gear after baby? Sydney mum Heather Thomson has the answer, in Yummie gym gear, that pulls you in where you need it.

And she says you can wear it from your workout to the street, as it is so flattering.

The mum of two said her business grew from her own need for gym gear that flattered her body whilst she worked out to get her body back after two babies. “As I worked to get my body back in gear, I shopped for a shapewear solution to help me feel better, ” she explains.

“I was aghast by my choices—they were literally like my grandmother’s girdles! So I did what any good designer would do—I took off my consumer hat, put on my design hat, and created a solution that worked for me (and every other woman in the same position as me). This resulted in my Original Patented Yummie Tummie 3-Panel tank which serves as a comfortable and fashionable tank women can wear—and feel good in—everyday.”

The innovative design is complimentary to woman’s curves, giving them confidence to work out and enjoy their fitness without feeling self-conscious. Heather says a new breathable cotton  is quick-drying and helps the body look good. “The new active collection also features a great combination of Yummie’s signature slimming materials, including a breathable four-way stretch cotton and a light-weight, quick-drying nylon seamless jacquard to keep you looking tight and right both in and outside of the gym.”

Heather says she wears hers day in and day out she feels so comfortable in it; “Yummie is a collection of essentials that are meant to be mixed and matched. The active launch is just another initiative in my mission to help keep women looking and feeling their best. I can rock my Yummie active collection pieces while working up a sweat in the gym, from the airport to the office, or to race my kids on our lawn.”

How did you get your body back after baby?


All of her styles are available on line:





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