YogaBar Sydney Introduces Live Violin Music to Yoga



Lifting yoga to a whole new level, YogBar Sydney have introduced the concept of live music with yoga.

YogaBar is a stunning new yoga studio which opened up in Sydney CBD last year. They offer snack sized yoga classes for busy people and a cafe filled with delicious healthy snack foods and fruit smoothies. With the success of their CBD studio, they are now stretched out across Sydney, from Rouse Hill to Bondi.

Through the unique combination of movement with live violin music, YogaVin by YogaBar is a vinyasa style yoga class, designed to bring mindfulness and physicality together into the present moment, throughout the practice to live violin music.

This beautiful form of Yoga, hosted by YogaBar was held in the scenic Bondi Lifesavers Club, where yogis were able to enjoy watching the sunset across Bondi Beach whilst listening to the tranquil notes of live violin music.

With the use of vibrational healing from the live violin music in the class, your body will deepen its state of relaxation, helping your mind to unwind faster and therefore relax better in the practice of yoga.

Research from MIT has shown, that when listening to the sound of a violin, it activates the ventral tegmental area of your brain.

The ventral tegmental part of your brain is a group of neurons responsible for the release of dopamine in the body. Dopamine is a natural drug the body produces, which is well-known for helping people feel happy, satisfied and motivated when released into the brain.

With yoga in general being great for helping the body de-stress and unwind, by adding live violin music to the practice, you find yourself more motivated to go deeper into certain yoga positions.

By going deeper into certain yoga positions, you increase sweat levels which helps detoxify and release blockages throughout the body, by increasing blood and oxygen flow.

Live Violin Music at YogaVin

Here are 4 other great reasons why doing yoga to live music is better:

  1. Listening to the relaxing sounds of a live violin combined with yoga, helps you mentally as the synchronised breathing coupled with the live music aids in relaxing the mind and helps stop wandering thoughts.
  2. Increases motivation throughout your practice, which makes you sweat more. This helps detoxify your body and assist with encouraging better blood and oxygen flow throughout the body.
  3. With the above increases of oxygen and blood flow, you increase energy flow throughout the body, which clears any blockages you have; both mentally and physically.
  4. Listening to live music has also been known to help increase serotonin and opioid levels in the brain. Both serotonin and opioid create increased feelings of happiness, relaxation and pain relief, which help people with depression, muscle tension and stress.

YogaVin is part of a new ongoing V-Series created by YogaBar, where every month YogaBar will be hosting newly inspired ideas for group yoga classes. Bringing a new level of inspirational fitness ideas to be accessible and enjoyed by anyone.

Watching the sunset across Bondi Beach, whilst doing yoga is a magical experience.

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