The Uber Of Massage?

Yep, this is the uber of massage, and it has arrived in Sydney direct from LA where almost every celebrity you can think of is lapping it up.

The concept is as good as it gets. You decide you want a massage, download the free app and select a therapist, (guy or girl and even by name if you wish). Londoners are loving it.

If they’re free they arrive within an hour  – to your house- and give you the massage of your choice.

The price is easy too – $99 for 60 minutes or $145 for 90. And the best bit is that the massage therapists are being paid much more than they would working in a spa, so everybody wins.

Founder and CEO Merlin Kauffman, 31, explains; “I launched the app four years ago, the main reason being convenience. This concept saves on travel time for the consumer, and is the easiest way to have a massage. Lawyers and people who bill by the hour love this concept as they truly know the value of their time.”

“Therapists have traditionally never had anything like this, that looks after them too. Here in Sydney and in Melbourne most therapists are earning around $25 an hour, with us they earn $70 and they call their own hours and work as little or as much as they want.”

Soothe is in 53 cities over the US, Canada and UK. It has just landed in Sydney and Melbourne and is soon to be launched in Brisbane.

“We vet the therapists and turn down around 30%, as we want the highest quality for our customers,” Merlin 32 explains.

“The health benefits of massage are multiple, both before and after a workout.”

Download Soothe, and you wont look back. Talk about making life easier – wow.





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