Is Beauty Below the Surface Revolutionising Traditional Skincare?

the benefits of having a bioremodeller treatment.

This new injectable treatment to Australia is revolutionising skincare below the surface of the skin.

As the quest for perfect, age-defying skin continues, a revolutionary treatment is taking the beauty industry by storm, focusing on treating below the surface of the skin, rather than treating what’s on top.

While all of us opt for the never-ending cycle of serums, creams, and oils in the pursuit for flawless skin, Sydney women are embracing Prophilo injectable skincare, a treatment which could see you ditching your everyday skincare routine.

For super supple, dewy skin that radiates youthfulness without resorting to invasive facial augmentation, Profhilo, a bioremodeller may be the way to go.

After years of unparalleled success across Europe and the UK, Profhilo Bioremodeller has made its way down under, to change how Australian women approach their quest for youthful, age-defying skin.

So, say goodbye to your traditional skincare routine as we delve into the world of beauty below the surface with Sydney-based Contour Clinics to ask the question: is this (finally)the answer to effortlessly flawless skin?

What is it?

Not to be confused with dermal fillers, Bioremodeller is a rejuvenation treatment for the skin to stimulate strength, repair, and hydration in the skin from the inside out.

It uses a product called Profhilo, which is crafted with a hyaluronic-based formula.

It is injected in needles, and those fine needles are inserted into 10 sections of the face, for the solution to then target different areas of the face, under the skin to help enhance the skin’s texture and firmness, all while preserving the natural facial structure.

Designed to eliminate the need for a lineup of a daily skincare products, the Bioremodeller treatment combines all their benefits into one simple treatment.

Helping to treat the cause of many anti-ageing skin issues from the inside, rather than the outside.

What to expect when you book a Bioremodeller Treatment:

The treatment takes just ten minutes, as the formula is injected into 10 different points on each side of the face. You need three treatments about 4 weeks apart for optimal results.

Recommended skincare guide for post-treatment:

Post treatment it is common for the injection sites to come up in small bumps, which go down after a few hours, so it is ideal not to put anything on the skin for at least 6 hours to eliminate infection risk. Other than that, that’s it.

When will you see results:

Contour Clinics recommends patients undergo 2-3 treatments, every 3-4 weeks, although the full visible results may not be seen till the 6–8-week mark.

This is when the body naturally starts producing collagen and elastin which are stimulated by this process of having profhilo injected deep into the skin cells.

After your treatment, you will start to see how the treatment has worked, as it subtly transforms both the texture and the appearance of your complexion.

These results have been noted to last anywhere between 12-24 months.

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