OMG! Sex makes you smarter

A legitimate study has shown sex really does make you smarter.

In a world where news is always bad, this will surely brighten your day.

Researchers have been linking sex to our intellect for a while now, and it seems a new study has further cemented the theory that getting down and dirty can actually make you smarter.


An article published in Psychology Today by a professor of Social Psychology at Eastern Connecticut State University Madeleine Fugère, states that you are probably going to be more brilliant if you have more sex.

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Fugère discusses a whole bunch of academic research which shows that sexual activity in adults is associated with better cognitive abilities.

The science of how sex makes us smarter is all down to one chemical – dopamine.

When we get turned on, our dopamine levels rise, when we engage in sex they rise even higher and when we orgasm OH BOY our brain is just filled with the stuff.

It is this increase in dopamine that has been linked to improving our memory and cognitive skills.

So how are our cognitive abilities linked to intellect?

Our cognitive functions and abilities have to do with our reasoning, memory, attention and language and the better functioning you are in all these, the more likely it is you will attain and retain information.

Information is knowledge, and the more information you have in the brain the smarter you are.

Unsurprisingly, there’s been a fair bit of research into this topic, the most recent study being published in June this year.

In this particular study, 73 participants recorded their sexual activity over several months and then took a cognitive test. Those who had higher sexual activity did better in their cognitive examination.

That’s all the confirmation I need TBH

The study doesn’t specify how sexually active the sexually active participants were, whether they were ~making love~ a couple of times a month, a couple of times a week or just once a week.

I think it’s safe to assume when it comes to sex the more the merrier!

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