It is ok to be alone this Valentines Day – we promise.

It is ok to be alone on Valentines Day, and here are 10 great things to celebrate:

Being alone on Valentines Day is a good excuse to love yourself more.

It’s the one thing that makes the most confident and beautiful girls cringe, being alone on the international day that celebrates love and relationships. It’s bad enough to see the bouquets of roses sent to your work place, but these days, every store front and magazine article seems to explode into red, heart filled windows shot with arrows from Cupid’s bow.

This Valentine’s Day, take a break from relationships and focus on yourself.

Here’s a list of Bondi Beauty’s top 10 great things about being alone.

1. Independence

Being single let’s you think and act for yourself. You are not required to listen or care about anyone’s opinion. You can have complete freedom to satisfy yourself, and enjoy a peace of mind knowing that you made the right decision for you. This sort of thinking makes it easier to get back to fitness routines and healthy eating.

2. Doing what you want, when you want
You live in your own schedule. Everything can be your way every day. You can choose what time you get out of bed, when to go on a spontaneous road trips or just stay at home relaxing without having to check with headquarters.
3. Enjoying your friends and family
Why do we always seem to go radio silent when we’re in the starting stages of a relationship? Your friends and family can be your number one priority again. You enjoy making bad decisions with the girls and fun nights with the family, without feeling guilty about leaving a man at home.

4. Life is an open book
The world is your oyster, it is a huge place and is available for you to do whatever you’d like. All you have to do is take the first step.

5. Dating
Or having a second chance. It’s a lovely thing to meet new and interesting people with no strings attached.

6. Getting to know yourself
You can spend time on yourself. Re-connect with your dreams, hobbies, and aspirations. Remind yourself of the great things that make you YOU.

7. Being able to focus on your career.

Having a career is an important part of adult life. You can strive and work towards something as well as learning to manage your own money and have a healthy balance of your work and social life.

8. No grooming or domestic chores necessary
Enjoy skipping a day of shaving the legs or underarms. Want toast or take away for dinner? Go for it!

9. You are more outgoing

Being single lets you be more ready to try new things, meet new people and live outside of your comfort zone

There are no draining arguments over silly or serious issues. The most complicated part of your life might be what pyjamas to wear tonight?

Bondi Beauty Intern Dominique Tait has a story to share:

Once upon a time a Prince asked a beautiful Princess “Will You Marry Me”? The Princess said No. And the Princess lived happily ever after.

She travelled the world and met interesting people and learnt new things. She hooked up with some cute guys and no one ever thought badly of her. She always put herself first. She kept her apartment and all her shoes and bags, and no one ever told her to “go make me a sandwich”. All her family and friends thought she was great and in control and she followed her dreams and focused on her career. And the toilet seat was always down. The End.

Fly Solo this Valentine’s Day.

  • Go on an adventure!
    Book in a surfing or SUP lesson at Bondi. The waves will wash away any thoughts about Valentine’s day, and it’s great exercise for the whole body
  • Pamper Yourself

Spend the day with nothing but you on your mind – have your own perfect day. Hit the gym early morning, follow up with a brunch or morning coffee at your fave cafe. Book in for a mani-pedi or splurge on a massage. Get lost in the chapters of your best book while sipping on a glass of wine and enjoy every second of it.

  • Have a Girls Night

Round up all your single girlfriends and plan something special. Go on a Day trip somewhere, or a themed cocktail party.

By BB Intern Dominique Tait

What’s your favourite activity to do with yourself?



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