How To Be Your Best Self and Improve Your Relationships

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New research reveals what it takes to be your best self and improve your relationships, and the great news? It’s not that hard.

What it takes to be successful and be your best self could simply come down to having a positive environment, strong support networks and being good at something, new research has found.

Dr. Daniel Brown, a sport and exercise scientist at the University of Portsmouth in England, has put together the research on what exactly makes people ‘thrive’ in life.

In other words, what qualities do people need to feel the happiest about themselves and life in general?

After studying various groups from teenagers to artists, sportspeople, employees, adults and the elderly, Brown came up with two ‘lists’.

To be happiest, he says you don’t need all these components, although the more the merrier. As well as a combination of features from both lists.

Dr. Brown says those who are happiest and feel most successful in life are one or more of the following:

  • Optimistic
  • Spiritual or religious
  • Motivated
  • Proactive
  • Someone who enjoys learning
  • Flexible
  • Adaptable
  • Socially competent
  • Self-confident

As well as this, these people have:

  • Opportunities
  • Family/other support networks
  • Challenges that are manageable
  • A calm environment
  • Independence
  • Others’ trust

“Thriving is a word most would like to hear themselves described as, although science hasn’t really been able to pin down what exactly people need to do this until now,” Brown says.

“It comes down to an experience of self-development, getting better or succeeding at something. Simply feeling good not just about yourself, but about life.”

Several studies have shown the benefits that self-confidence and having a positive life outlook can have not only on your own mental health but also on your surrounding relationships.

Being optimistic in life has a massive impact on your relationships. 

It is well known that your outlook on life, positive or negative, not only influences your own behaviours but attracts the people who surround you. As the saying goes, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.”

Not only does having a gloomy outlook affect your mental health in a negative way but also only makes the people around you feel the same way.

“Since the end of the 20th century, there’s been a quest to better understand human fulfilment and being your best self; to better understand how humans can function as highly as possible,” Dr. Brown said.

So, looking to be your happiest self? How many boxes did you tick?

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Jasmin is a final year Journalism student at UTS. As well as a lover of all things coffee, health, fitness and beauty, Jasmin is addicted to seeking out the best lookout spots in Sydney and finding the next best story.

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