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True Love – How To Find It Now.

UK relationship expert Hayley Quinn talks about true love.   Two years ago, I interviewed Hayley Quinn in London. The global relationship expert had plenty to say about love, life and how and why we choose the relationships we do. Her TedX talk here sheds some more light on her views on love, and how […]

Do you worry about being seen alone?

A new study has shown we may fear our peers seeing us alone rather than fearing going solo itself. An article published in the August Journal of Consumer Research shows that it is not the fear of doing things alone but more the fear of how others will perceive them. According to the article, people […]

It is ok to be alone this Valentines Day – we promise.

It is ok to be alone on Valentines Day, and here are 10 great things to celebrate: It’s the one thing that makes the most confident and beautiful girls cringe, being alone on the international day that celebrates love and relationships. It’s bad enough to see the bouquets of roses sent to your work place, […]