What DO men think about women, life and relationships?

A recent study has lifted the lid on what men think and feel about life, love and relationships.

The opinions and desires of men have had significant shifts, as a recent US survey has revealed.

A survey conducted by Hart research of 818 men of all ages in the US has found the most important quality men want in a woman they want a relationship with is intelligence, but the results don’t end there. They predictability also want her to be hot, but they also like the idea she is independent – but not too independent.

But they’d like their daughters to be intelligent too, and independent, but are less concerned with what they look like.

The findings have made headlines globally, mostly as they seem to indicate a generational shift in male attitudes and behaviour. For example, today’s men are more likely to say it is harder to be a man now than in their father’s generation, largely due to greater gender equality and the stronger financial position many women now have.

68% of men surveyed said having a strong personal character and integrity were the ways a man should show strength today, followed by being able to provide financially (44%), and being confident enough to follow your own path (40%). 37% said having emotional strength to deal with stressful situations was critical, and only 11% said physical strength was important for a man in today’s world.

Men aged 65 years and older are less likely (29%) to say that having emotional strength to deal with stressful situations is critical but rather physical strength to them (17%) is important.

Men are divided about whether it is more important to be present for a partner or to provide for them.

In the US, the researchers claim the results reveal a redefinition of the American Dream. Three in five (60%) say personal family success and being present as a good son, husband, father or friend is more important than financial success, which rated at 24%.

What this all seems to mean is that things have and are changing for both men and women, but now we need an Aussie survey to see if our guys feel the same way – and we wonder what the girls would have to say when asked the same questions?

Anita Senior.

Anita Senior

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