Is Sex And The City to blame for so many singles?

It seems the challenges singles face in London and New York City are the same as Sydney – even on Valentines Day.

Carrie found ‘the one’ in Big on Sex And The City. Image courtesy of Sex And The City.

Bondi Beauty spoke to global dating expert Hayley Quinn in London, to de-code the international singles scene.

Hayley Quinn is fast becoming one of the most well known dating experts in the world. From London to New York, she travels the world coaching thousands of singles, on how to attract and meet the right person. She breaks down the challenges of meeting the one for you as she sees them.

Why it’s harder to meet someone right now:

1)A dating diet of Sex And The City Episodes;

“This generation has been brought up on Sex And The City, as an education on dating. We still think of ‘The One’, and our whole life is set up around a romantic view of things which is not real. We have unrealistic expectations”, she says.

2) Communication:

“There are mass communication problems on both sides, for both men and women.” she explains. “Men and women today are confused about boundaries, roles and responsibilities within relationships.
3) A lack of dating skills:

“One of the problems with internet dating is that it has reduced people’s real life social skills in the dating arena. It’s a completely different way of dating.”
4) Being too rigid about who we want to meet:

“Often someone we knock back online because of their statistics on paper we would be interested in if we met in real life. Women especially need to give men a chance.”
5) The dating scene really has changed.

“Ten years ago if you kissed someone on a date you could safely assume you were on a path to possible commitment,” Hayley says. “Today that just is not the case. If you are dating someone, chances are they are dating 3 other people at the same time. Navigating and communicating about exclusivity and commitment are challenging.”
6) Committment:

“People are choosy and less willing to commit these days. Men have a different time line to women just because of biology. Even if a woman doesn’t want children, that biological clock is ingrained in her, and women are generally looking for commitment, whereas men can be reluctant which creates challenges.”

7) The numbers

“Men tend to have more choice, as they often choose to date women younger than they are and therefore simply in numbers, as they get older, they have more choice, but as women get older, they have less choice unless they are prepared to also go much younger. But I have to say the men I respect the most are the ones who date women around the same age. ”

Do you agree with the challenges for singles Hayley talks about here?
Check out Hayley’s website for loads of tips on how to meet the right person for you:

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