Why You Should Be Eating Kiwi Fruit

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If you’ve haven’t been eating Kiwi Fruit regularly, now is the time to start with these creative recipes – and they’re in season.

Unbeknownst to many, kiwis are actually one of the most nutritionally-dense fruits available on the market, and now is the time to make them a diet staple.

Further, there are a magnitude of fresh, creative ways to add this fruit into any meal.

The Nutritional Benefits

Antioxidant Powerhouse

Containing twice the amount of Vitamin C than an orange or lemon does, these little green fruits are an antioxidant powerhouse.

Just one cup of kiwifruit has approximately 273 per cent of the daily recommend value of the vitamin.

This is beneficial, because high levels of vitamin C helps to boost the body’s immunity against harmful pathogens. It also helps to eliminate free radicals that cause inflammation or cancer.

Kiwis also contain high levels of vitamins K and D, and they also contain more potassium than a banana.

Improved Skin

Kiwifruits are one of the most alkaline fruits, which means that the minerals within it help replace the excess amount of acidic foods that are common in most people’s diets.

Increasing the alkaline levels in the body has a whole range of benefits. From promoting youthful skin, to increasing physical energy, sleeping deeper and having fewer colds. Click here for more on alkaline diets.

Weight loss

Looking to lose weight? Kiwifruits are a great low calorie snack. Containing only 110 calories per serving (about two fresh kiwis), they are also high in fibre, which aids in digestion and helps one stay fuller for longer.

Additionally, the low-glycaemic index of the fruit will not create a strong insulin-sugar rush like other fruits, which can they be stored as fat if not used.

Fighting Asthma

A 2000 study of over 18,000 children in Central and Northern Italy revealed that kiwifruits can be beneficial in the fight against asthma.

It was found that those who regularly ate kiwi (5-7 servings per week) had 44% less incidence of wheezing compared to children who only consumed one serving.

Shortness of breath was also reduced by 32%, night time cough by 27% and chronic cough by 25%, and children who already had the condition benefited the most consuming the fruit.

Get Creative with Recipes

Kiwifruit doesn’t just have to be eaten in a fruit salad or as a snack. These recipes are fresh, creative and use kiwifruit in ways that one wouldn’t normally imagine.


Creative kiwi fruit recipes: kiwi kale and chia parfait for breakfast

Kiwi, Kale and Chia Parfait

This green breakfast smoothie makes less than two minutes to make. It’s packed full of antioxidants and healthy fats and minerals and not just from the kiwis. It also contains avocado, kale, chia seeds and banana.


Kiwifruit recipe for lunch

Kiwi Avocado Salsa Verde

This sweet but tangy salsa uses fresh ingredients and can be paired with almost anything to make it a full meal. Either serve with corn chips for a light lunch, or drizzle over chicken breast or salmon.


Kiwi fruit creative recipes: kiwi marinated streaks

Kiwi-Marinated Fajitas

While kiwi and steak aren’t something that one would normally pair, kiwi is actually great as a marinade for meat. This is because the enyzmes found in the fruit act as a tenderizer, breaking down the meat.

Kiwi and lime juice work in this marinade to make steak fresh and zingy, but not overly fruity.


Creative kiwifruit recipes; kiwi shortcake

Kiwi Shortcake with whipped coconut cream

A rendition of a traditional summer dessert, this shortcake recipe uses a dozen kiwis to create a delectable sugar syrup. As a bonus, it’s also dairy and egg free.

Raw pizza with kiwifruit, chocolate and strawberries

Chocolate Strawberry Kiwi Dessert Pizza

This raw “pizza” uses dates, pecans, oats and cocoa powder for the base. Toppings of kiwifruit and strawberries cut through the richness to make this a great vegan and gluten free dessert.


Healthy sweet and sour candy, kiwi dehydrated chips

Kiwi Dehydrated Crisps

Tasting like sweet and sour candy, these dehydrated kiwi chips are an easy, healthy snack. Simply slice and place in the oven or a dehydrator.

healthy kiwifruit recipes kiwi coconut chia popsicles

Kiwi Coconut Chia Popsicles

These icy treats are like chia-pudding, but in popsicle form. Creamy coconut milk contrasts with the zing of kiwi for a refreshing summer snack.

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