Discover The Simple, And Popular Wellness Trends For 2023

Image of plates and bowls of food on a wooden table

Simple, Popular Wellness trends for 2023 to revamp your life holistically.

Wellness is no longer just about your fitness and not being sick. It now envelopes physical, emotional, and mental health. The fitness and health industries have new wellness trends to keep an eye out for and try for yourself.

1. Having Dinner Earlier

Image of plates and bowls of food on a wooden table
Having dinner earlier relates to weight loss

Ever complain that your parents and grandparents have dinner too early? You might be joining them once you learn that what time you eat plays a key role in weight gain.

According to the study, those who ate dinner later had peak blood sugar levels that were approximately 20% higher and saw a 10% reduction in fat burning.

2. Digital Detox

Image of a man on a smartphone as an example of popular wellness trends
Setting screen-time limits is part of digital detoxing

People are beginning to understand that regularly logging off of social media and withdrawing from technology in general is not only helpful but also worth pursuing as a self-care goal. People are discovering they can enjoy life outside of their phones more holistically and set healthier communication boundaries, according to Aly Giampolo, founder and method director at the ness. 

“Simple practices like putting phones in do not disturb mode, muting social media notifications and reverting to traditional alarm clocks so phones can be tucked away at night are becoming increasingly popular. People are finding they can enjoy life outside their phones more holistically and set healthier communication boundaries,” says Giampolo.

3. Movement Snacks

Image of a woman doing yoga on a mat in the downward dog position
Light yoga movements will promote your mobility and get you feeling good

Another fitness wave to watch out for in 2023 is movement snacks. This 2023 fitness trend, also known as exercising snacking, is just a fancy way of expressing that you should prioritise daily exercise by spreading out your workouts throughout the day.

Exercise snacking has many advantages over lengthy, intense workouts, which frequently end in failure due to lack of time or energy or burnout. A movement snack works in a similar way as a nibble of food in that it gives you a brief boost of fuel and energy in the form of movement.

4. Low-Intensity Workouts

Image of a woman's legs walking on a concrete path surrounded by grass
Walking is a simple example of a movement snack

The growth in low-impact exercises was unquestionably one of the best effects of the pandemic on the fitness sector. Low-intensity exercises like Pilates, yoga, recuperation, and stretching are already quite popular, but Yelp’s 2023 trend forecast predicts that their popularity will only increase next year. It seems stretching workouts will finally get the attention they deserve with a 61% spike in searches!

“Expect to see forms of lower intensity movement continue to centre the conversation with long walks, mat work, pilates and mobility exercises working their way into fitness routines,” says Dong, ness CEO and founder.

5. At-home Beauty Treatment

Image of at-home beauty devices - face roller and cleansing brush
At-home beauty treatments allow people to take the power of more expensive treatments into their own hands

It’s no mystery that over the past few years, at-home skincare routines have grown in popularity as the desire to maintain youthful skin is still very much alive. 

 “Expect this trend to continue to grow as we see companies like FaceGym continuing to offer online classes and innovative products like Droplette (a misting micro-infuser device that claims to deliver serums deeper into the skin than conventional skin care methods) entering the market,” says Giampolo.

6. Earlier Bedtimes 

Image of pillows on a bed underneath a lit lamp at night
Having an earlier bedtime has many health benefits

If you have ever had trouble justifying why you go to bed at 8pm, you can now point to science! Studies are showing increased emphasis on earlier dinner times and evening rituals in addition to a drive for circadian health and earlier bedtimes.

Being an early riser will help you sleep better, improve your digestion, cut down on late-night munching, and support your weight loss and fat loss goals.

Give your body time to relax by starting your bedtime routines earlier.

7. Focus on Mental Health

Image of a woman overlooking a mountain at sunset
Mental health involves our emotional, social, and psychological wellbeing

Surely you have noticed the popular Five Minute Journal on all the wellness YouTube vlogs and Instagram accounts. Mental health is now being recognised as having the same importance (maybe even more) as physical health. Therapy, meditation, and journaling are just some examples of practices that promote mental wellbeing which will be a priority in 2023.  

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