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Why You Should Be Eating Kiwi Fruit

If you’ve haven’t been eating Kiwi Fruit regularly, now is the time to start with these creative recipes – and they’re in season. Unbeknownst to many, kiwis are actually one of the most nutritionally-dense fruits available on the market, and now is the time to make them a diet staple. Further, there are a magnitude […]

6 Fab Supplements For Thicker, Fuller Hair

Instagram seems to be flooded with thick hair solutions, but many experts claim the only way to truly get thicker hair is with supplements. We have found our favourite 6 supplements for thicker and fuller hair. 1. Hum Nutrition Red Carpet, $35 for 60 capsule Hum are a household name worldwide in beauty supplements, who […]

I Tried Five Different Vitamins

From skin boosters, beauty boosters to all-round well-being boosters, vitamins are a great addition to your everyday health regime. But, with so many different ones available, it’s difficult to find the right ones to take or even determine whether or not you need to take any at all. We all know eating a healthy diet […]

So What’s the Go With Vitamin Supplements?

From fad diets to superfoods, tea-toxes and supplements, we are constantly receiving an overload of information about what we should and shouldn’t be putting into our bodies. Bondi Beauty spoke to Sydney nutritionist and dietician Jaime Rose Chambers to get the down-low on nutritional supplements. While it’s hard to give general advice when every person […]

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