Nuts and why they work as a post-workout snack

Sydney Fitness trainer Bibi Yip talks to Bondi Beauty’s Georgia Brown about the potential benefits of pistachios:

Sydney Fitness Trainer Bibi suggests pairing pistachios with snacks that are fibre rich to prevent overeating.

One of the lowest kilojoule nuts

If you are one to regularly snack on almonds, it might be time to give pistachios a chance. A standard 30 gram serve of Pistachios contains about 732 kilojoules.

“A 30 gram serve of pistachios is around 49 nuts,” says Bibi, “which is more nuts per serve than any other snack nut.” Comparably, a single serve of almonds is around 23 nuts.

Packed with nutrients
Bibi loves pistachios because they give her the protein, fibre and antioxidant lift she needs after a workout.

“Try eating foods that can naturally give you back the nutrients you lose during exercise,” says Bibi. “Smart snacking is an important part of your training regime. You might work really hard in the gym, but what you eat after your workout may be the difference between meeting your goals and falling short.”

Pair well with other healthy snacks and recipes
Pistachios are a delicious crunchy addition to your favourite salads or muesli mix. Bibi suggests pairing pistachios with snacks that are fibre rich to prevent overeating.

“I also love my veggie sticks – they are really easy to prepare when you’re on the go,” says Bibi. “Make the veggies work more for your body by combining them with a dip that contains protein, such as hummus, and crunchy, delicious pistachios.”

The shells make it easy to keep track of portion size
If you don’t make the time to portion out your nuts for your post-workout snack, it can be very easy to overindulge. Pistachio shells are a great visual cue to how many you have eaten, so you know exactly when to stop.

Convenient for an on-the-go refuel
With convenient grab-and-go packs,  there is no need to stress if you forgot to pack a snack for after your workout.

They taste good
Crunchy, salted pistachios are the perfect healthy treat. “They are packed with flavour, crunch and nutrition, and are a delicious, fun and satisfying snack,” says Bibi. “Perfect for every-day snacking or a post-workout munch.”

Bibi recommends Wonderful Pistachios.

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