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New Zealand fitness influencer, Brittney Cutts, talks to Bondi Beauty about all thing’s fitness, lifestyle and her part with Fitbit.

Finding an influencer who is both honest and real isn’t easy. Twenty-six-year-old New Zealand born, currently Melbourne based fitness influencer, Brittney Cutts (@brittactive) is a role model for young women. She is the co-director, of The Wood Shed (a gym in Melbourne), and the co-owner of, Active Retreats, a lifestyle and fitness retreat located in Victoria.

Brittney Cutts fitness and lifestyle influencer: via @britttactive
Brittney Cutts fitness and lifestyle influencer: via @britttactive

An ambassador for Adidas and Fitbit, she spoke to Bondi Beauty about her fitness journey, her work and the best ways to keep fit.

Q: What made you initially want to become a personal trainer?

A: “I initially tried all kind of different strategies to keep fit from a young age. My fitness journey had a lot of up and downs in the early stages of my life, with many extreme and restrictive eating diets. Finally, I found a healthy way to exercise, eat and continue with daily life.

I wanted to help other people understand that fitness is not restrictive or extreme and that’s why I wanted to become a personal trainer. I wanted people to fall in love with their body rather than punish it”.

Q: What does your daily exercise routine look like?

A: “Honestly, it changes every day. I like to incorporate different exercises each day targeting specific body parts whether that be upper or lower etc. My philosophy with fitness is variety, keeping a range of exercises is important to keeping the mind stimulated. Fitbit’s philosophy is quite similar, not sticking to one idea but incorporating and testing to see what you enjoy.”

Q: What strategies would you suggest for balancing a busy schedule and a healthy life as a young woman?

A: “A big part of keeping on top of things is to be strategic with training, rest and sleep. On Sunday each week I like to plan my entire week in exact times for workouts, this is nonnegotiable for me.

If this means I must lose money, cancel clients or meetings then I will do so as training is an important part of my everyday routine. As part of this I strategically rest each day, I find the best way to sustain it is by using the relax feature on the Fitbit as it’s generating a specific time to relax and unwind. This feature focuses on your breathing and lowering your heart rate to full max relaxation.”

Q: You co-own an active retreats, what is an active retreat?

A: “Active retreats is essentially a Bali retreat but in Victoria that is much cheaper and more convenient than going to Bali. My business partner of the Wood Shed, Sam James Wood, and I decided to start the retreats in 2016.

The retreats promote people’s health and wellbeing with nutrition workshops, fitness guides and relaxation methods. Its emphasis is on overall wellbeing and bringing together like-minded people in one serene location.”

Q: How did you end up working with Fitbit?

A: “Originally, I was invited to a tennis cardio event with Fitbit. From there I adored the idea and concept of Fitbit – over the apple watch.

The event made me realise you could work hard in cardio workouts, such as tennis, and burn calories rather than going for strenuous runs. Shortly after Fitbit contacted me to host the event in Sydney introducing the VersaLite and Inspire HR, I was thrilled as it was a way for me to show the community my love for the Fitbit and all things fitness.”

Q: Which Fitbit do you currently use?

A: “Currently I am using the InspireHR, it is a smaller and upmarket design. It allows me to train and track all of my movements without the distraction of my mobile device. It acts as a break from reality for me because it does everything the Versa does besides keeping me in contact with my mobile, which is important for me while training”.

Q: What is the future of fitness ?

A: “Fitness is always evolving and growing. I have noticed that fitness is starting to go along the lines of everything under one roof, with that being cardio, weights and relaxation exercises combined in one class.

In the terms of the fitness industry today, it is working in the direction of people needing help to exercise efficiently. My Fitbit makes keeping track of workouts and health much easier and accessible in the everyday life, A one stop shop. People today want ease in accessibility to facilities and devices and that is where the future of fitness and Fitbit are leading”.

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