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Why You Should Be Eating Kiwi Fruit

If you’ve haven’t been eating Kiwi Fruit regularly, now is the time to start with these creative recipes – and they’re in season. Unbeknownst to many, kiwis are actually one of the most nutritionally-dense fruits available on the market, and now is the time to make them a diet staple. Further, there are a magnitude […]

4 Healthy Snacks that won’t Make You Put on Weight

We tried and tested four healthy snacks that won’t make you put on weight. There are so many snacks filled with artificial and unhealthy ingredients, or that are very high in sugar. So we did the hard part for you and taste tested some great new healthy snacks now available at your local supermarket and many […]

Snack and No Weight Gain? Here’s How:

Here are 5 snacks from our guest editor Nik Toth that you can grab without putting on weight. Ever find yourself feeling guilty about snacks you can’t say no to during the day? It’s the mid-afternoon 3pm energy slump and sugar cravings that derail many people from their clean eating regime. With summer right around […]

Nuts and why they work as a post-workout snack

Sydney Fitness trainer Bibi Yip talks to Bondi Beauty’s Georgia Brown about the potential benefits of pistachios: One of the lowest kilojoule nuts If you are one to regularly snack on almonds, it might be time to give pistachios a chance. A standard 30 gram serve of Pistachios contains about 732 kilojoules. “A 30 gram […]

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